There are times when a PHer has a very good day, in which they sometimes try to do everything on their "To Do" list that they can't do when it's a bad PH day. This, unfortunately, often leads to a day or two of bad PH days afterward. Often this can be very discouraging.

I am one of those who usually overdoes it when I'm having a good day. I KNOW I should be taking it easier, and that I don't have to accomplish everything I need to do in one day, but I'm hard-headed and I just don't learn! So then I need to take at least a day to just do nothing because I went overboard the day before that. It's a vicious cycle that I just don't seem to break out of! lol


CL said…
Guess what? You do not have a corner on the PH days market. I think we all tend to make hay while the sunshines so to speak and then pay for it for a day or two. Love you, Colleen. (((hugs)))

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