A lung transplant is usually a last resort for a pulmonary hypertension patient if all other meds are not working or have stopped working well. It is up to the PHer if they want to go through a transplant or not. Having a transplant may mean a cure from PH, but it is not without problems. However, there are many PHers who have survived for many more years with their new lungs!

I have had many phriends who have either had a lung transplant many years ago, or who've had one recently, or who are still waiting. There are some who are doing well, past 10 years with their new lungs! There are a few who didn't make it past a few years with their new lungs. Many phriends who have faced the transplant option have decided to go for it, but I do know a few who do not want to have surgery. It's a personal choice, because it's really trading one disease for a whole other set of problems. But for those who get through transplant and recovery well, their lives change so much, and they are able to do so much more than they could before.

As I type this, I have a phriend who is hopefully going to be awakened from sedation at some point today. He received his gift of new lungs on Saturday! So far, he's doing well, I'm just hoping recovery will be smooth for him!


Lori said…
You are truly amazing. On so many levels. I hope everything works out well for your friend. Happy Holidays and hugs Lori

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