Many people living with PH must watch their salt and sodium intake because of possible fluid retention. Fluid retention can make it hard for a PHer to breathe. The need for diuretics is very common for PHers to help them lose excess fluid. Watching salt intake, buying low salt or no salt foods, cooking fresh food and using lots of spices and herbs are some ways for a PHer to control salt consumption in their diet.

I think I am one of the lucky PHers who really don't have issues with salt and require the need for diuretics. This doesn't mean that I don't watch my sodium intake. I don't cook with salt 95% of the time, and I read labels and avoid products with alot of salt in them. And I like to cook fresh as much as I can. Let's face it, PHer or not, salt really isn't good for anyone out there!! And it really boggles my mind watching people, like my dad, pour salt all over their food. I actually find that much salt really disgusting!!


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