Some people with pulmonary hypertension may be able to continue working after being diagnosed. However, there are many who cannot keep up with the demands of the job they are in because it is too physically (and perhaps emotionally) draining.

There would have been no way I could continue working as a preschool teacher, yet I would have if my doctor had not told me to quit my job. When I look back at how I felt when I was working, I wonder how the heck I ever got through my days!! The sheer exhaustion I felt when coming home from work every day was terrible, and while I'm sad that I can't continue teaching in a classroom, I'm so thankful that I'm feeling so much better than I did back then because I'm no longer working.


sunshine said…
I can imagine that is probably frustrating for you to not be able to do certain things, like work, but when it comes to health all sacrifices are worth while.

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