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The Fed Ex Guy!!

A while back, I had written about Vincent, the Fed Ex guy who used to deliver my medicine once a month for over a year. The last time he delivered to my house, he introduced himself officially, and told me that he thinks about me and prays for me often. I thought it was very touching! In the past few months, I have thought about Vincent, and often look to see if it's him driving when a Fed Ex truck passes by.

Today, my doorbell rang. I had been expecting my medicine to come at some point today. When I got to the door and opened it, the driver had gone back into his truck, and I was Vincent!!! Before he took off, he looked back at the house and saw me in the doorway. He waved at me so hard that I thought he was going to fall out of his seat!! It was so nice to see him, and I can't tell you how much it made my day! I almost wished he had come back out of the truck to chat for a minute, but he's the Fed Ex guy. Not much time for dilly-dallying!! I hope…

Last Official Week of Summer

It's hard to believe that around here, the last official week of summer is this week. Schools will start up again next week after Labor Day, even though there are some schools around the country that have been in session for almost 2 or 3 weeks now. I find it amazing that, after not working in any sort of school for 5 years now, I'm still running on "school time." I think it'll always be that way for me. I always seem to think in school calendar year, rather than just a regular old year. Maybe it's because I have so many friends who are teachers. And I don't get to talk to many of them during the day because they are working. Whatever it is, all I know is that school is starting, and the summer is ending!! And I have to say, this summer was one of the best for me, temperature-wise! I loved the heat, even when it got to be a little oppressive at times. I suppose you can guess how I feel about fall and the upcoming winter season: NOT A HAPPY CAMPER!!


Like Mother, Like Daughter

Out of the many pictures I have taken since Hailey was born, this is one of my favoritest ones!! Mandy definitely has a daughter that looks just like her!!

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Hailey is absolutely gorgeous!! I do think she looks a little like her auntie too. :) Thanks for sharing her picture. *HUGS* Comment from anglswinks - 8/29/05 1:10 AM

Yummy Recipe!

I made these cookie bar things the other night for girls' night. They were soooo good!! I was happy that my friend, Dee, could eat them. She is allergic to eggs, and there are no eggs required! So I just thought I'd share!

Chocolate Chip Caramel Bars

Prep: 10 min Bake: 25 min

1/2c plus 1 tbsp all-purpose flour, divided
1/4c packed brown sugar
1/8tsp baking soda
1/8tsp salt
1/4c cold butter
16 caramels
1 tbsp 2% milk
1/4c semisweet chocolate chips

In a small bowl, combine 1/2c flour, brown sugar, baking soda and salt. Cut in butter until mixture resembles coarse crumbs. Reserve 1/2c for topping. Press remaining crumb mixture into an 8-in. x 4-in. x 2-in. loaf pan coated with nonstick cooking spray. Bake at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes or until set.

In a saucepan or microwave-safe bowl, melt caramels with the milk. Stir in the remaining flour until smooth. Pour over crust. Sprinkle with reserved crumb mixture and chocolate chips. Bake for 12-15 minutes or until topping is golden b…

Jewelry, Pictures, and Browser Issues!!

Last night was girls' night, and we went to my friend, Renee's, house. It was quite fun! We joked, we laughed, we gossiped, and we even drank a little. I had a good time! I brought all my jewelry sets because Renee said she'd take some pictures for me on her digital camera. Since we are both sort of perfectionists, we wanted the pics to come out very well. And if that meant 5 pics of one item, well, then that's what it meant! So anyway, the above are some pictures of what I have made. This is not even close to everything I have. I am hoping to have a website of some sort go up soon, as soon as my sister, Mandy, helps me figure out how to put everything on! I have done a very basic website, but nothing complex! Mandy would be the expert to go to!

Anyhow, if the pics are blurry, it's NOT how they really look on my computer. I learned something new today while trying to put some of the sets on Ebay. I tried the rainbow set first, and after filling everything…

Phone Issues

My home phone rang today, so silly me decides to answer it instead of letting the machine pick up. The only people who have my number are my mom and my sister, Mandy. I had just gotten off the phone with Mandy when I got the call. I answer, "hello?" The guy says, "hello?" I say hello again, and he says it again. Thinking to myself that I don't have time for games, I say, "who is this?" He says, "Who is this?" I hang up.

I go back to what I was doing, and the phone rings again. This time I let the machine get it. The guy had called back, and left a message.

"Hey sexy, just wanted to say hi. Talk to you soon."

*SIGH* I sure hope Darlene was sexy. I know the guy got the wrong number. Not saying I'm not sexy, but he has no idea. Whatever!!

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Hmm...a wrong number, and a possible date...Comment from luvmort - 8/18/05 1:46 PM

Good Riddance

I just got back from going down to Lewiston to Marlene's shop. I was getting my jewelry back that I hadn't sold at the art festival. I was also going to ask for my other sets in her shop, saying I had a friend with a digital camera who was letting me borrow it so I could take pics of my items. While this is true, it is not true. Yes, I was gonna lie. But, I didn't have to bother, because she just put everything in the bag that I had given her. Well, that's that then! I won't have to deal with her anymore, unless I decide to try making a few sets that are in her shop that she says sell really well. However, I don't think I'll bother! Glad this deal is over, I'll find some way to sell my own jewelry!

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You don't need her anyway. Check out mall shows in your area, and sell your beautiful jewelry there. Who knows, you meet nice people, sell jewelry, and just maybe some c…

Big Decision Finally Made!

Quite a while ago, I posted an entry about PH, and a big decision I had to make at some point. For a refresher, here is the post.

I have finally made a decision, after months of business and trying to get more information. I have decided to become a support group leader!!! And it became official yesterday! It's going to be called Buffalo Niagara Falls PHA Support Group. I know, not that fancy, but it gets to the point!! I'd like my first meeting to be mid-October. So I need to call around to make arrangements of all sorts. Meeting place, refreshments, handouts, etc, etc. I'm grateful that the invitations are taken care of by the PHA and by Accredo Pharmaceuticals. That is at least one thing I don't have to worry about!! I do hope there will be a great turnout, if the word is spread soon enough. I'm just happy with the decision I finally made. I believe I need this, and so do a lot of other fellow PHers in my area. This could be a good thing!!

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Well, Nothing Went, And More

Well, I found out today that I didn't sell anything at the art festival this past weekend. Not one thing. That's how Marlene put it when I called her. And she sounded a little snide about it. Which makes my decision of just taking ALL my jewelry out of her shop all the more easier. I've decided to do that, since she makes me feel belittled with the items I am making. I don't need that crap, and I'm not going to put up with it.

Besides the fact that I didn't sell anything, the art festival was nice. I walked around with my mom on Saturday afternoon, which was a good thing, since Sunday was almost a washout for the day. We saw a lot of very nice things, all pricey, of course. There were a few art pieces I would have liked to have, but I never could afford them! I had a nice day with my mom, though!

Today after bloodwork, I spent some time with Mandy and Hailey. It was such a nice afternoon! I really miss my sister, it's been hard adjusting to the fact that…

Well, Here Goes Nothing

I called Marlene today to ask about when I can drop off my jewelry that I'm supposed to try selling this weekend at the Lewiston Art Festival. She told me I could drop it off today, so I did just that. I told her I had the necklace sets in separate bags, a sign for the jewelry, and a list of items I made that were numbered and that match the tags on the sets so she could mark the number off if something was sold. She said, "Geesh, you're efficient!" I can't help it, that's how I am! It's part teacher, part Virgo characteristics. lol Anyway, I have to admit that I feel a bit nervous. I told my mom on the way home that I felt naked, since I had given Marlene ALL of my jewelry. I almost feel protective of it, and almost wish I could be there all day tomorrow and Sunday to make sure nothing happens to it (or to make sure it gets sold!). Seems like it's going to be a long weekend for me, waiting to see if anything good happens! I seriously doubt I…

Welcome To My Pity Party

I've been feeling a little blah lately, and it could be for a few reasons. Mind you, this isn't feeling sick blah. This is an emotional blahness. I go through it once in a while, but this time, I just decided to write about it. I hope my blahness doesn't spread.

I could be blah because it's the umpteenth day of heat and humidity, and it is making everyone go crazy. Although, I have to admit I'm not really complaining too much. In the middle of winter, I'll be dreaming of days like this. I'm NOT a cold winter person. It's probably the reason why I enjoy a fan on me in this heat rather than the air conditioning. I just freeze!

I could be blah because there is no one living upstairs from me right now. I miss my sister, and I miss my little niece. Yes, I've seen them plenty of times since they moved, but there's a quiet in the house that is there if I'm not playing my music or watching tv. There's no dog running amok, no sound of footsteps, …

Pimpin' A Website!

I have started volunteering as an English tutor for a new website designed to help students with homework and studies. The site is FREE, and open to all students, from Kindergarten to even college. If you know anyone who needs homework help, or has a child who might need the extra help, please let them know about this site! It is great, and the people volunteering their time to work with students are a wonderful bunch!

PATH: Pupils Ask, Teachers Help

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Hey that's pretty cool! ~ Lori Comment from fitzzer - 8/9/05 1:31 PM

I will send this to my mother, the teacher! Comment from luvmort - 8/9/05 12:22 PM

No More Puppies.....Or Sister!

Lisa left this morning with her boyfriend and the puppies. Her little Lexie stuck her head out the window as she pulled away, it was the cutest thing! I went to my parents' this morning to watch the puppies play for a while. My mom had me videotape them, and they were just adorable! I'll miss them, since the next time I see either of them, I'm sure they will be bigger!

I'll also miss Lisa, although she said she would fly back whenever Mandy has Hailey's baptism. It was good seeing her, and very nice meeting Brandon. I liked him a lot, he's very soft-spoken, but very polite! And funny. He just seems different than the other guys she's dated, and I think he just might be the one for her. We'll see!

I made a couple more necklace sets tonight. I think I need about 7 more sets before this weekend at the art festival. I'm actually a little nervous about it, but I don't know why. Maybe it's because I am working on Sunday for a few hours, an…

New York Meets North Carolina!

Last night, Lisa and her boyfriend (Brandon) made dinner for us, North Carolina-style! And let me tell you, I went home stuffed to the gills! Brandon made quite a few yummy dishes! He made shrimp and grits, which I was looking forward to all day! I love grits, ever since I tasted them when I worked at Headstart. He made the grits with lots of cheese, and then made the shrimp in some sort of sauce. You put the shrimp over the grits, and voila! Yumminess! He also made fried okra. I didn't care for it too much, many because it was a little too fried for my taste. Maybe if it wasn't too overdone I would have liked it. He also made some kielbasa, with lots of different spices on it. It was soooo tasty!! The asparagus was also made with a bunch of spices, and that was very good as well. Besides all that, we also had my mom's pasta salad, corn on the cob, clams, fruit with Joanie's yummy dip, and a few other items here and there that I didn't have room to eat l…

Jewelry, Visiting, and Puppies!

Today was one of those days where I had a lot of energy, and didn't need a nap! This hasn't happened in quite some time! Let's take the short journey, shall we?

I got myself up and dressed in time to go down to Marlene's shop around 10:30 this morning. I was going to bring 5 jewelry sets I made, and to tell her I didn't appreciate her selling my sets for 12 bucks, or whatever price she could get them for, even if it meant a free give-away (I know she wouldn't do that, but...well, maybe I don't know that). I told her that if I had something that she thought she couldn't sell for at least 15 bucks, then just give it back to me and I'll try selling it myself. So, she gave me 3 of my sets back, plus all my bracelets (she told me my bracelets weren't selling b/c you could get them at the dollar if!!!! I don't make dollar store crap!!) Anyhow, the Lewiston Art Festival is next weekend, and she said I could sell whatever I wanted…

Calm Before The Storm....

I look out the windows, and feel a quiet calm.
It's coming.
The clouds get darker and more ominous, as if it were night time, but it's the middle of the afternoon.
It's coming.
I hear thunder in the distance. I notice the breeze picking up as I watch the trees sway outside my window.
It's coming.
I feel like impending doom is approaching, and yet I'm excited. There's nothing more I love than a thunderstorm.
And it's definitely coming.
I checked Doppler Radar, and the storm is moving ever so closely. As it gets darker, and gloomier.
It's coming.
I see the first bolt of lightning, and hear the rumblings in the sky a minute after.
It's coming.
Little drops of rain have started hitting the windows. More lightning, more thunder.
It's here!

Gotta Love Babies!

Yesterday I went to my friend, Dee's, nephew's baby shower. Yes, he's already almost 4 months old, but Dee's brother lives in Michigan. So they finally came here this weekend to have a shower with family members and friends. He's such a cutie!! And a big cutie at that! lol He certainly looks like he gets good food! I know he's very loved, he definitely has a big family to shower him with love and affection! The shower was very nice, though! The food was great, the people there were all very nice, and it was a good time!

Today I went to Mandy's house for a while, to help her unpack a little, and just visit! She is having a hard time deciding where to put everything!! I was happy, though, because I got to hold Hailey for about 40 minutes! I don't really get to hold her that often. She fell asleep in my arms, and I just enjoyed watching her sleep. She makes the cutest little faces! She smirked a few times, smiled a few more times, and made all these …