What The HECK Is That Noise???

For the past several nights, I've been hearing this noise in the house, and I couldn't quite figure out what it was. It's sort of like a rumbling noise, almost as if someone was running a sewing machine. At first I thought it was my fridge, but I kept going over to it and listening, and the sound wasn't coming from it. Tonight I opened my apartment door into the hallway and listened. Not coming from the basement. I crept up some of the stairs leading up to D's apartment. Hmmm, the sound was coming from there! Ok, so I knew the source. But what the heck was it???? She wasn't home, so I went back down to ponder and wait for her arrival so I could ask! As soon as I heard her turn the key in the door, I went back into the hallway. I asked her if she had something running upstairs, and she started apologizing. She said she had gotten 2 hamsters from someone, and they were running on a wheel. Oooooooooooooooh. Soooooo not what I was expecting to hear. But, at least I finally got the answer to what was driving me insane for several nights!!


CL said…
There are far worse things than hamsters. But they must be something else for you to hear them downstairs. Wish we could exercise that way. LOL (((hugs)))

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