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Today I had such a busy day. I went to rehab, and after I was done, I went home briefly to change and get some lunch. I got all my things ready to spend some time out in Amherst, which is about 20 minutes or so away. It all depends on how fast I can drive up the boulevard to get there. I met a phriend for coffee at Barnes & Noble for a little while, and that time just went too fast! I had to leave in time to make it to an appt with the dermatologist I see. During the appt, I told him that I don't get the breakouts like I used to, so the antibiotic I've been on seems to be helping. However, I'm still dealing with such oily skin that it's driving me insane. He wants to put me on a topical gel, but my insurance just won't cover it. So, he gave me a whole bunch of samples. I thought that was rather nice of him! I'm hoping they'll help some!

After my appt, I went to Michael's to look at the bead section. Yes, beads again! lol I was good and after having a handful of beads, I put several of them back and only bought three strands. I also found some letter charms to add to 2 of my bracelets, so I was happy about that! I started wandering the rest of the store when my friend texted me that they were leaving for the Olive Garden, where I was going to meet them for dinner. So, I paid for my beads and charms, and headed to the restaurant which was less than 5 minutes away!

My friends and I sat down to eat when we all arrived, and not even 5 minutes after that, it started to downpour! We knew the bad weather was coming, but we just weren't sure when. We made sure that we took our time eating so we wouldn't have to head back out there too soon! By the time we enjoyed our meal, and dessert, the rain wasn't that intense. I was glad for that, but I still really hate driving on rainy nights. My eyes don't like it too much, and I feel sometimes as if I can't see very well. I took my time driving back home, and by the time I got back, I felt rather tense! So I took a nice bath, and then played online for the rest of the evening. Now it's off to bed, but before I go, I have to say that if I hadn't known any better, I could've sworn I saw Euan tonight as we were leaving the restaurant. A guy sitting at a table next to us looked so much like Euan that I froze for a split second and had to keep from saying his name. I kept moving on, but it made me miss Euan all over again. I still wish so much he was still here.


CL said…
(((hugs))) another message from him perhaps?

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