Busy Weekend

I have been planning for my upcoming PH support group meeting for over a month now, but crunch time is here, since the meeting is tomorrow. Although things are almost set, I feel like I have nothing done. The food has been ordered, the guest speaker is squared away. He is my PH doctor from the Cleveland Clinic, and he will be talking about lung transplant. I have my PH bracelets all in a bag, since a few members asked me about them again. I have all the stuff for the Pucker Up 4 PH campaign, including the blue lipstick mixed with Vaseline so it'll go on lips better! I started a bag of extra stuff to bring in case of leftovers (which is ALWAYS the case). I have a list of things I need to mention during the meeting, I just need to print it out. I can't think of anything else I need to do, but I'm still stressed out about everything!! I hate that I get this way. I'm looking forward to the meeting, but it's going to go in a flash and be done before I know it. Then I'll go through it all again for the next meeting in the spring!

Besides the meeting, I found out that I have some family coming into town for the weekend. While it'll be nice to see them, it is so not my main focus until I get home Saturday afternoon from the meeting. I'll probably see them tonight, maybe for dinner, but I'm just trying to take it easy so I have enough rest for tomorrow!


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