33 Miracles

For 69 days, 33 Chilean miners were trapped in a mine. No one knew if any of them had survived until almost 3 weeks after the mine collapsed. First predictions thought the miners may not even be out of the there until Christmas. There were 3 teams working on 3 different plans of action to get the miners out of there. People from all over the world were helping out. A small city formed by the families of the trapped miners, and they refused to leave until every single miner was freed. A few days ago, one of the plans to get the men out was finalized. Last night, rescuers were sent down in a capsule called Phoenix, and the slow beginning to freeing the men was started. More predictions thought it might take up to 36 hours. Rescue operations ended in about 24 hours, much faster than had been predicted. Everything went so smoothly, it was almost unbelievable! Last night, I watched the beginning of the rescue efforts. I finally went to bed after the third man got to the top. It was so emotional watching every single rescue, seeing the faces of their loved ones as they got out of the capsule and onto the ground. By the time I got up this morning, 13 men had been rescued. I ended up having live streaming video on my laptop all day, doing things in between rescues. I just didn't want to miss all the emotion, and the fact that this was definitely an historic event, not only for Chile, but for the world! I am so happy that all the rescues were successful, the 6 rescuers who went down into the mine are now all back up onto solid ground, and that no one is injured or has major illnesses. This has truly been a miraculous event, and it was a huge piece of good news that the world has needed for awhile now!


Jen said…
That was awesome...It was so heartwarming to see that take place! :))
Love ya Loca :))

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