Oxygen Confusion

I've been on oxygen for over 8 years now. Although, when I first started wearing it full time I was very sporadic with it when I'd go out in public (wear it to the restaurant/movie theater/someone's house, etc, then take it off before going in). Over the years, and especially the last couple, I just don't care anymore if I have it on. I know I need it, and I know it's helping.

So, since I wear my o2 so much now, my niece and nephew here in town have mostly seen me with it on. They tried to pull it off my face when they were babies. They've asked questions about it. I caught my nephew trying on my cannula one day (of course, I took it off to answer a phone call in another room when I was babysitting him...what did I think a curious 2yr old at the time would do??). I had a sniffing war with my niece when she was about 4 one day while I was over. She heard the puff sound from the bottle when I breathed in, so she was trying to copy it by sniffing in hard. So I would do it again, and we went back and forth for 5 minutes, both of us laughing our heads off as we tried to over-sniff each other. I have told them that I need to wear the oxygen to help me breathe better. They sorta get it. But yesterday was cute when I watched my nephew for about 20 minutes while Mandy went to pick up H. from school. As he sat there eating a muffin, he pointed to my cannula and told me he wanted one of them to breathe. I said he didn't need one, and he said that he did, because he couldn't breathe good. He was so serious about it, too. So, I just told him that the only way he could get one was to go see his doctor and ask. Well, that made him change his mind. He just looked at me and said, naaaaaa, and continued to eat his muffin. I just thought it was too cute and funny! lol


CL said…
Too bad we are all not like kids sometimes.

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