Eyes To The World

When I saw my eye doctor last month, he wanted me to see a retina specialist. The past couple of years he's been a little concerned with my eyes, especially the left one. I'm currently waiting for my sister to pick me up so I can go to my appointment. I'd lie if I said I wasn't nervous. I am hoping that it isn't as bad as my eye doc was thinking, and that'll they'll continue to keep an "eye" on it (haha). But, I really don't want anything like retina detachment to occur! That would be just horrible!

I used to wonder which I would miss more, my eyesight or my hearing. I always said that I would totally be heartbroken if I could no longer listen to music. But now that I'm facing a possible eye problem, I realize just how important it is to see. Of course, I should consider myself lucky that I can see and hear pretty good, because there are so many who can't. Anyway, I'm worrying myself again! I won't know anything for sure until I see (haha) this new doctor!!

*UPDATE* I can't see at all because my pupils are so dilated and my eyes are so dry, but the eye specialist said she saw nothing wrong with my retinas. Yay!! She thinks maybe because I am so near-sighted, that my doctor was seeing something that wasn't really there. I don't know, I'm just glad I don't have any issues right now! I must go lay down and hope to heck my vision improves once I get up. Don't ask me how I'm typing. It's all a big blur. lol If there are errors, I'm sorry. lol


Jen said…
WooHoo..so happy to hear no problems...hope the Blur clears up soon..I hate when they dilate my eyes...So happy your sistore drove ya ;) Take care ...Love ya lots...HUGS :))

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