A Very Busy Saturday

I got to bed on Friday night and felt better about the meeting the next day, since I had pretty much gotten everything together. Saturday I woke up at 7am to take Revatio, and for whatever reason, the next 2 hours went by so slowly. I wanted to get another 2 hours of sleep, and I'm not sure I ever really did. So I finally got up at 9 and got myself ready to go. Joan picked me up at 11am so we could get the food first. Wow, they kept bringing out boxes of stuff! It all smelled sooooo delicious when we got back in the car. We headed to the hospital with no problems. Joan pulled up to the front of the hospital, and we both went in to get some wheelchairs, since it was the only way we could get the food in the room. A big shoutout goes to the security guard working on Saturday, because he had to unlock the room, and he brought one wheelchair up there for us! Yay, M!! Joan and I got the other 2 up into the room, and Joan started setting up the food while I set up my stuff. My doctor showed up, and I introduced him to Joan. He began a mission of finding some cable thing that he needed in order to use the projector in the room with his netbook that had slides he wanted to use. Luckily he found one at the nurses' station! Slowly other PHers and their family/friends started coming in, and I did get to greet all of them. I eventually started the meeting by announcing who sponsored the lunch, and we enjoyed the food! About half an hour later, I introduced Dr. G, and he began his talk about lung transplantation, and everything that goes with it. It was a very informative talk, he surely knows his stuff!! People did ask him questions, he asked us questions, and I thought it all went very well. When he was done and no more questions were asked, I started doing the Blue Lips campaign. Another PHer asked if she could help, and suddenly the entire task was taken over, and I was being asked by a few other people about my jewelry. Before I knew it, most of the people were gone and Joan was just waiting for me to finish packing up my things since she had already taken care of the leftover food. The end of the meeting was just so chaotic!! I didn't even get to say goodbye to some people, and I felt bad! But other than that, I really thought it went well, and despite all my nervousness, I'm looking forward to the meeting in May!

Joan and I got the food back downstairs in the wheelchairs (Joan had to make an extra trip for the third one), packed her car up, and took off for home and much needed naps! Eve called me before I even got in the door, so I talked with her while I was putting away my stuff. I tried taking a nap with Mittens, but I started getting a bad headache. I ended up just laying down and just taking it easy. I called Dee and talked to her for awhile, which was nice! Then I had to get up and get ready to go to Mandy's house for leftovers with the family, including my Grandma, aunt and cousin who had his son. My dad picked me up, and we got over there. It was a very nice evening! I even got my family to do the Blue Lips campaign, although the guys refused to let anyone see their lips blue, so they took the lipstick, the paper they had to kiss, and kleenex to wipe their lips off into the bathroom so none of us could see. lol Hey, whatever, at least they did it!! I left with my dad around 9:30, and just took it easy until it was bedtime. It was definitely a very long day, but it went so much better than I was thinking. Sometimes I wish I could just turn off my brain so I won't overthink things and stress myself out!!

On top of everything going on yesterday, it was Mittens 10th birthday! I can't believe he's 10 years old! It makes me feel old! lol He enjoyed his day by napping, sleeping, napping with Mommy, eating, playing in a box, napping some more, and ended up playing for the last hour before I went to bed with various toys. We even played hide and seek right before I went to bed, at 1 in the morning!! So, I guess I would have to say that he enjoyed his special day!


CL said…
What??!!!??? You mentioned catnip. Did you forget? Mittens will be crushed. :-)

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