Fluttering Souls

Sunday evening as I was driving to K's house, I noticed an awful lot of little things flying by the car. Not birds. It took me a bit to realize they were butterflies. What?? Butterflies this time of year?? No, that couldn't be right! I thought maybe they were moths then. But a couple of them came so close to the windshield, that I knew they really WERE little butterflies! And by the time I got to K's, I had seen hundreds of them! They were darting everywhere on the highway, most of them alone, but some of them also in pairs. The pairs of butterflies looked like they were doing a dance with each other. It was all so overwhelming, and I got a bit teary-eyed as I was driving because they all reminded me of Euan. So by the time I got to my destination, I was a bit emotional!

A couple days later on one of the local news station websites, I saw an article about how so many people in this area had been seeing the butterflies (which I have continued to see every day this week!). They are called Red Admirals. I think with the weather being so warm in March for a week (like almost 80 every day), and a few warmer days in April, the butterflies have started showing up way too early. I have to say, I do not mind, though!! I adore butterflies, they make me smile every time I see one! If it means I get to see them from now until maybe September, I'm all for it!!

Red Admiral Butterfly


sunshine said…
How cool! We have some white little butterflies that come out also during summer and they are so many that they end up dying in the windshields of car... but love when they are everywhere!
Anonymous said…
I've seen them here too but thought they were moths. I'll have to pay attention to them better next time I see some. Once the rain stops and it gets warm again, maybe they'll show up again. Have a great day!! Madray

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