Health Challenge Day 14 - My Dream Day

Describe your ideal day. How would you spend your time? Who would you spend it with? Have you had this day? If not – how could you make it happen?

My alarm goes off at 7am, yelling at me to get up for work (instead of telling me to take a pill). I get dressed, washed up, and eat breakfast after I feed Mittens. I rush off to work, where at 9am I am chatting with a room full of children ready to start their day at school (instead of being woken up for the day by another alarm and the realization that I need to take another pill). At 10:30, I am herding children into the gym for class (instead of taking yet another medication). My day is filled with lessons about punctuation, addition and subtraction, a science experiment, and an outdoor recess (instead of lounging around the house because I'm not feeling too well). At 2pm, I'm preparing the children for their final hour at school (and not swallowing another pill). The bell rings at 3pm, and I wave my children out the door for the day, telling them I'll see them tomorrow (instead of downing my 6th pill for the day). I finish up doing things that are needed for the next day's routine and lessons, and leave work, heading for the gym. After an hour or more of working out and feeling buff, I head to the grocery store to get some items for dinner. Heading home after sweeping through the store, I feed the apparently starving cat, and make a yummy dinner for my husband and I to enjoy as we chat about our day (instead of having another pill to go with dinner). With the weather being so nice, we decide to go for an evening walk after eating, and as we stroll from the house to the park, we talk about things that are most important in our lives, including family and friends, and our health. We make it back home after about a 3 mile walk, and get ready to turn in for the evening (instead of taking another 2 sets of pills). The next morning, another ideal day starts yet again.

You see, my ideal day would not even involve the words pulmonary hypertension. My ideal day would not include an arsenal of drugs to keep me going. My ideal day would be having a career in teaching like I had always dreamed about. My ideal day would not be spent tripping over tubing while doing things around the house. My ideal day would be spending time with a man who fell in love with a very healthy and active woman. My ideal day would be spent not worrying about how much energy I would have doing simple things. My ideal day would be to be able to live an ordinary life, with no worries about having a chronic illness with so many ups and downs from one minute to the next.


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