Health Challenge Day 21 - Health Madlib Poem

Go to : and fill in the parts of speech and the site will generate a poem for you. Feel free to post the Madlib or edit it to make it better.

Ok, this is one weird poem. Not sure I like it. LOL

beautiful table's beautiful table

gingerly i have never flying, utterly beyond
any needle, your cupcake have their enormous:
in your most red light are things which wandering me,
or which i cannot eating because they are too slowly

your pretty look angrily will unjumping me
though i have waking myself as dryer,
you walking always lamp by lamp myself as necklace stressing
(listeninging terribly, bleakly) her fabulous slippers

or if your blanket be to blogging me, i and
my chest will driving very confidently, infrequently,
as when the port of this needle washing
the treadmill logically everywhere smellinging;

nothing which we are to singing in this bicycle exercising
the remote of your shaggy coffee: whose car
understanding me with the kitten of its computer,
mixinging orange and mouse with each drinkinging

(i do not kissing what it is about you that skipping
and reading; only something in me oogling
the cat of your cupcake is bright than all necklace)
diploma, not even the pants, has such fluffy table

- Colleen & e.e. cummings


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