I know, I've been terribly slacking in the Health Challenge posts. I'm behind several days now. Things have kept me busy from writing. I also don't totally love the topics. lol Hopefully I will catch up on them at some point!!

I tried to arrange oxygen this morning for my two trips in June. We got as far as the addresses of the places I'll be, and then when it came time to talk about the portable oxygen concentrator (POC), things just went downhill from there. Basically it boils down to waiting for a reply from my doctor about whether or not I can be on 5 liters per minute continuous or pulse (meaning, the POC only works when I breath in). If he wants me on continuous, that means I'm gonna have to buy oxygen from the airline, which is going to cost a heck of a lot more money than I was planning. Plus, I don't think Southwest provides oxygen anymore on their flights. So if pulse works out, then yay! I'm just wishing my doctor would actually get back to me!! I called his office this morning and left a message. I'm going to email him on Monday morning. If I still don't hear from him, I'm sending him a message on Facebook, even though I said I wouldn't ask him anything health-related on his page. And if worse comes to worse, I will bug him in a game we play called Words with Friends!!!!  It's a popular game that can be played with a friend, like Scrabble. So, I hope to hear from him one way or another, because this needs to be set up very very soon!! 


Nelle said…
It's so frustrating to wait for calls and get the information you need. I hope you can be on the pulse, if not I hope you can swing the other. I called my oxygen company and to travel would be very expensive for me so right now I will hanging around home for awhile. I hope you can work out all the details and have a great trip.
Madray said…
Hi Colleen, where did you get the Health Challenge questions? Is there a blog for it? Hope you're doing well today. Loving the weather!!!

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