Health Challenge Day 16 - Pinboard

Create a pinterest board for your health focus. Pin 3 things. What did you pin? Share the images in a post and explain why you chose them.

I used to have a Pinterest account, for like a month. I deleted it after reading a lot of articles about copyright infringement and such while using Pininterest, and I just decided to delete my account. I'm not sure I was finding all that useful anyway! So technically I can't participate in creating a board, but I can certainly still post 3 images I'd use if I were going to create a board!

I chose this image because it represents what Pulmonary Hypertension means: high blood pressure in the lungs. So many people think that I have regular high blood pressure when I say that I have pulmonary hypertension. Maybe they just hear "hypertension" and think I just have high bp. But nope! My bp has been great all along! 

Periwinkle is the color that represents Pulmonary Hypertension. Periwinkle is a tricky color. It's more on the blue side, but many people use a shade of purple to mean PH, and it's really not that color. But anyway, I wanted to share the PH awareness ribbon, so many people would recognize it if they are out and about!

If it wasn't for the PHA, I probably wouldn't know as much as I do now about PH. The PHA has played a big part in the way I've connected to others living with this disease. The PHA provides a tremendous about of current information, a list of doctors around the country and the world who treat PH, and several ways for PH patients to connect, whether by email, message boards, or chat. I'm thankful to have found out about the PHA almost 9 years ago, and I know I will always have it in my life! 


CL said…
I'm with you on Pinterest.

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