Health Challenge Day 8 - Best Conversation I Had This Week

Try writing script-style (or with dialogue) today to recap an awesome conversation you had this week.

Today was Easter, and I went to early mass with my family and then to the casino buffet for breakfast. The best conversation of the week was with my 4 year old nephew and K. Although their little chat started out with the two of them, I did become a part of it, and it was just a conversation I really loved!

S. came over to K. and started talking about what he had for breakfast.

K: Did you eat all of your breakfast?

S: Yeah! I ate a lot!

K: You did? Well, what was your favorite part of breakfast?

S: Well, the most delightful part of breakfast were my peaches!

Me: Did he just say delightful??

K: (laughing) Yes, he did! He said the most delightful part of breakfast were his peaches!

Me: (laughing) Oh gosh, I just love him, he's too funny!

My nephew just says the cutest things sometimes, and his choice of words often surprises me. I've never heard a preschooler tell someone his peaches were delightful! It was just my favorite part of the day, and definitely one of the best conversations of the week!


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