Health Challenge Day 7 - Health Activist Choice

Write about what you want today. (Maybe try a bonus prompt!)

This statement can be interpreted in two different ways. It could mean that you should write about whatever you want to today. Or, it could be that you should write about what you want today, right now. I mean, at least that's how I am reading into it. lol So, I'll write about the second interpretation!

I would love it if today, at any point, some scientist(s) out there suddenly found the cure for PH. It would just be perfect timing. It is the Easter season. Tomorrow is the day Jesus saved all of us by awakening from death, a new beginning for all of us. It would be totally awesome if a cure today would be the start of a whole new chapter in the lives of so many PHers out there. It would be a great chapter! It would be life without gasping for breath while trying to do daily chores. It would be possible to actually work, 40 hours a week, being productive. That chapter would allow women with PH who have always wanted children to be able to have a family they've always dreamed about. Oxygen would totally disappear within the chapter, allowing freedom for a former PH to just get up and go wherever and whenever. There would be so many possibilities that there weren't before, just out of reach, glaring at a PHer in the face and almost taunting them because there was just no way they'd be able to grasp it. If there was a cure for PH today, the PH community would be grasping all over the place!!

In my own personal PH journey, if I was cured, I wouldn't know where to begin with my new lease on life. I left my teaching career almost 12 years ago (this month), and I honestly don't know if I'd return. I really do love making jewelry, so I think I'd try to make it into an actual business! It's hard to know if there'd still be a big PH community if there was a cure. If there was, I'd still try to be a huge part of it because I'd want newly diagnosed people to still get support, despite the fact that a cure would make them a "normal" person shortly after finding out they have the disease. I also know that I'd want to get married and have a family. I have to admit, that all these years of having PH, I've never dreamed of having a baby. I was told over and over that I couldn't, it was physically impossible and dangerous for me to do so. So I never imagined having one. But if I were PH-free, I'd definitely love to try having a baby. Maybe even two?? I don't know! Anything can be possible without a dastardly disease hanging around!


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