Health Challenge Day 24 - Health Mascot

Give yourself, your condition, or your health focus a mascot. Is it a real person? Fictional? Mythical being? Describe them. Bonus points if you provide a visual!

Many PH patients are fighters, trying to live their new normals after being diagnosed. So, I would create a PHighter as a mascot. The PHighter would be wearing full armor that is periwinkle in color (since periwinkle represents PH). The mascot would also have a giant sword, used to fend off PH symptoms as they come forcing their way to attack! The PHighter is always on guard, all day and all night, to allow a PHer to live their life to the best of their ability without worrying constantly!

Now, if only I knew how to Photoshop or create digital images, I'd share a picture of the PHighter!!


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