Health Challenge Day 23 - Health Activist Choice Day #2

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The weather was crap today. We had beautiful weather on Friday, in the 70s. K took me to Chestnut Ridge, a huge park that I've never been to before, but always heard about on the news. We had a little picnic, and enjoyed watching everyone soaking up the lovely evening! Then things changed. The weekend got cooler, which in all fairness was really the norm. But we were supposed to get this huge April snowstorm. It was predicted all week, we were warned incessantly by the weatherpeople on all the channels that it was coming. Be prepared! Niagara Falls saw about 5 minutes of snow mixed with a little rain earlier in the afternoon. So much for have a snowpocalypse here! Areas south of me, especially ski country, really did get slammed. The only thing I really hated about today was the dreariness, the dampness, and the cold! I couldn't warm up for the life of me for hours, no matter what I did! I tried blankets, wearing more layers, and even a few cups of coffee. It wasn't until I finally took a hot bath after the evening news that I finally warmed up, and I've stayed that way all evening. Thank goodness I'll go to bed nice and toasty!

Weather plays a big factor in how a person living with PH feels. I've never fully understood why. I can't stand the cold, I feel like I have a hard time functioning, and my lungs really hate breathing in artic air. I love the summer temps because, well, I don't freeze as much. Unless I'm shopping in the air conditioned stores! But some people are the opposite, hating the summer because of the high humidity. I think the atmospheric changes do something to the body, so it's no wonder when the seasons start changing, I usually have a bit of a problem!


Nelle said…
Before being diagnosed and put on PH meds I was always warm and hated heat. Now I am always cold and FREEZE in stores in the summer. Humidity does make it harder for me to breathe. I wish they understood how the weather affects PH but it certainly does.

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