A Happy Thanksgiving! :)

I had a very nice day today, with my family. I'm so glad I did everything I did yesterday, so I could relax this morning before going to my parents' house. I almost didn't want to go, because it was so snowy, and it was cold. But of course, I did! How could I miss all the food?? And boy, did we have a lot of food! We are all going back over tomorrow night for dinner again. At least it's nice that my mom doesn't have to cook, we can just reheat and eat! Yay!

It is now bitterly cold outside. It's only 17 degrees, and the winds are making it feel like -6. It's horrible! My sister arrives from North Carolina tomorrow afternoon, and I hope she's dressed warm when she gets here! The only reason she hates coming back to visit during the winter is because she freezes! Well, we all do get cold, but I think she's just gotten used to weather in the south. She really should prepare better when she comes back home. lol

I'm going out tomorrow morning for some deals, I hope. I am NOT one of those who will be out there at 5 or 6am! That is just craziness, at least for me. I'm also a tiny person, I can't imagine trying to fight people off for an item on sale. I do have my oxygen tank as a weapon, however, hmmmm. Only kidding! hehe The one thing I'm excited about is being able to finally get my new cell phone! It will have a digital camera, which I can't wait for. I'm looking forward to playing around with it when I get home tomorrow!

Well, I am off to bed a lot earlier than I usually go. I'm just really tired from the day, but I also want to make sure I actually wake up early enough tomorrow to leave by 9am. That is a time I can deal with! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! :)


Virginia said…
No shopping for me. I hate crowds! LOL
Peace, Virginia
Virginia said…
Email me and I can tell you what to do to move your old entries here.
Peace, Virginia

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