I'm Becoming Lazy!!

I think I'm becoming a slacker. At least that's what I've felt like this past week! I stretch my mornings out as long as possible before I finally get dressed and exercise. I'm still in my pjs, and it's almost noon. I'm getting there. No really, I am.

After reading Judi's journal this morning, I saw that she added other links to her blog. It took me several minutes to figure out how she did that, but behold, I did it too! I'm starting to like this place afterall. There are still a few things I wish it could do, like alert me when new posts are up. But, what can ya do? If every blog were like the one I came from, I'd be rather disappointed!

Ok, I guess it's time I got my butt moving. I must exercise, so I can start more jewelry. I have a goal today of making at least 3 sets. Wish me lots of luck. lol


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