Ache-Free Sunday!

I woke up this morning with no pain! This is probably because I took a Tylenol Arthritis before bed. It felt sooo nice to wake up without feeling so achy, and it lasted for the day. Thank goodness!!!

I went to church with my mom this morning. The day started out sunny, yet a bit chilly. By the time mass was over, it was raining cats and dogs outside!! Then pretty much most of the day, it was raining. So I just stayed home to do nothing much! I wanted to get my dishes and laundry done, but all I did was the dishes. I didn't feel like going up and down the stairs to get the laundry! So that will be on tomorrow's agenda.

I saw a cute guy at church today. He was sitting in the pew behind me, at the other end. I smiled at him at one point, and he did smile at me. But I didn't get a chance to say hi at the end of mass. However, he wasn't with anyone, and he wasn't wearing a ring. Two good signs! Maybe if he's there next Sunday, I'll say hi!

My sister, Lisa, IM'd me on Friday afternoon to ask if I had heard about the house she and her hubby were supposed to buy. I wasn't sure if it was her, or Brandon, who IM'd me, but she said it was her. She had taken the day off to close on the house. However, she had found out that a highway is going to built right behind the house, and since no one disclosed the info, they were allowed to walk away from the contract. How upsetting!! They really really loved the house, but it's such a relief that they found out about the highway before they signed papers! So in the meantime, they had to move into a one bedroom apartment until they can find another house they like. That will be a tight crunch, living with all their furniture, 2 dogs, and about 50 or so boxes!! I sure hope they find another house very soon!!

I guess I should get to bed. I don't have much planned for this week, other than babysitting the "little" guy on Tuesday. So hopefully I won't be feeling as crappy as I was last week!! I'd like to try exercising more, to see if the extra Revatio is helping. I also need to be making more jewelry for the upcoming holidays! Gotta be prepared!


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