Same Stuff, Different Day

I am a creature of habit. I like doing a lot of the same routines every day. I like keeping things in order. I don't really change things around much in my house, everything has it's place, and that's where it usually stays. I think it's my Virgo personality! It comes out even in my jewelry. I try to come up with patterns that are askew and different, but I always end up making necklaces that have a precise pattern. I just can't seem to help it!! lol

So, last night, I had to pull my bed away from the wall because poor Mittens got sick for like the 5th time that day (thank goodness he's alright today), and I had to get it up. I know, not the greatest story so far. lol Anyway, before I pushed the bed back to the way it was, I kinda thought, hmmmm, what would it look like to have my bed in an angle, coming from, the corner of the room? I thought about it, then decided to shove my bed to get it to the way I thought it would look ok. Thank goodness I no longer have the carpet, or I would never have been able to move the bed so easily! So I got the bed positioned, and just kept looking at it. Part of me loved it, part of me kept thinking this is SO not the norm!! I decided to just keep it that way for the night, and ended up going to bed awhile later.

This morning, I decided to move the bed back. But, I wasn't going to do it right away since I needed to eat breakfast and get dressed. When I turned on my phone after feeding Mittens, I listened to a message from my best friend, Erin, asking if I wanted to have a play date with her daughter today. Cool! So, I decided not to move the bed back yet, until I got home later.

However, the bed is still in the same position that I pulled and pushed it into last night, and I'm still not sure if I want to put it back. What's bugging me most is that I had to shove my nightstand and dresser over quite a bit in order for there to be a bigger space for me to get in between the dresser and the bed, and it just doesn't look right to me. It's that off-balance thing, the out-of-order type of thing that drives me nuts, and making me want to put the bed back, even though I think the change would be nice!! So who knows, I might keep it that way for another day or two, or I might leave it be, and just enjoy the new look!!


Anonymous said…
Hey Girl:))
Just try it out a few days..LOL
I do not like change either but sometimes change is good;))
Hope you are having a great week..Hope to chat with ya soon.
Miss ya..

Love & Hugs,

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