Saturday Stuff

My neck is doing better than on Wednesday when I hurt it, but it's not 100% yet. I'm still doing the heat thing, and my mom gave me Icy Hot. As much as I hate the smell of that stuff, it really works! So if I'm really not doing any better than I am now by Monday, I guess I'll call the doctor. Just what I need!

I finally took pictures yesterday of new jewelry I made in the past couple weeks. Today I need to get them on my website! I'm trying to get ready for the holidays, which may sound crazy, but hey, it'll be here before we know it! If I feel motivated enough later, I might work on earrings. We'll see!

I think I'll go exercise for a bit. I've put it off the past few days with my neck, but it's not so bad today, so I'll just try it! Of course I'll quit if my neck feels strained. It's only walking, so should be fine! Have a great Saturday!


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