I made a couple adjustments to my blog layout again. I was tired of the butterflies! I went with the theme of where I'm from. The might Niagara Falls is the backdrop for now! I browsed through hundreds of pictures on Photobucket, and it was just so interesting to see how many people have actually photographed the Falls from all over the world. I would dare to say that there are a billion pics out there of the Falls. And yet, I don't go down there that often!!! It's only 5 minutes away, and I have yet to go this summer to see the fireworks down at the Falls. I always say I want to go, and I keep forgetting!! I am going to try my best to go tomorrow night. Since the weekend might be crappy, I should just try to go tomorrow!!

My Tuesday was alright. I went for the bloodwork around 10:30, and waited almost a half an hour for the paperwork to be done. Then I had to wait about 10 minutes at the lab before they could draw me. And then the girl couldn't find my vein, which was really odd because they are always available. I figured that maybe because I had been fasting by then for over 14 hours that she couldn't find it since I needed to eat!! After it was all said and done, I stopped by the chinese place I like to go to on the way home, and got yummy shrimp lo mein and an egg roll for lunch!! And I had so much left, I had some for dinner! And heck, I still have enough for another lunch tomorrow! Good deal for only $6!!

I was supposed to go for coffee tonight with a few friends, but by the time they were going to pick me up, it was pouring and hailing outside. I did NOT feel like trying to run out to the car and to Starbucks in the rain, and not to mention, I also had a headache that wasn't completely gone. My friend asked if I had an umbrella, but I just didn't want to deal with that, my bag with the o2 tank in it, and my headache, so I just opted not to go. And of course, 15 minutes later, the weather was cleared up for the most part. My headache didn't disappear until a couple hours later, and I'm sure I would have felt crappy being in a very air-conditioned place, too, so staying home tonight was a better idea!! There is always the next time!!

Well time for bed! I am babysitting tomorrow afternoon, so I need all the zzzzzz's I can get!


Annette said…
I LOVE the picture of Niagra Falls! I have never been there, or even in the area. I'd love to come and see them sometime. Maybe I should put it on my list of things to do. Then I could stop by and visit you!!
barbara said…
Your blog is just beautiful but of course your MYspace is also. You do a great job on both of them
I hope you are rested up now


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