Another Busy Monday

I got up earlier than usual this morning, around 8:45, so that I could get myself dressed and off to the hospital for bloodwork. My PT/INRs were lower than my PH doc wants them, so I had to start taking 4mg of coumadin, and now I have to keep going for bloodwork until we get the right adjustment. I got to the hospital 20 minutes before 1oam, and didn't get out of there until almost 11. Ugh, I hate having to go through the paperwork again when it's not a scheduled draw, and then wait until someone from the lab upstairs to come down because my blood does funny stuff. It was just alot of patient waiting that I had to do! I am hoping I won't have to be back very soon, but since we are still adjusting stuff, I'm sure I'll probably be back next week.

I called Mandy to see if she wanted to go to the mall to a couple stores, but she didn't want to. So I went to the credit union, and then stopped at Wegmans to buy strawberries and more grape juice. The grape juice was on sale, so I got 2 of them. I was excited! I got to the express checkout, and put my stuff down, and went to get my wallet out of my bag. Ugh, no wallet! I left it on the seat of my car. Grrrr! I got out of line, put my stuff in an empty checkout lane, and went outside to get my wallet. Good thing my car was right outside the store in the handicap spot! I went back inside, got my stuff, and got back in line. Talk about being tired. Although I had cranked up the oxygen, I was tired from my stupidity!

I sat in my car for about 5 minutes, on the phone with my friend, Dee. We made plans to meet at the mall in about an hour after I got to Mandy's. So, I went to Mandy's! I bought the strawberries to make strawberry sorbet, since Mandy got an ice cream maker, and she said I could use it to make my own sorbet. It was easy. I had to take the tops off the strawberries and cut them up a little, then put them in the blender. After adding a splash of juice (Mandy let me try tropical mango), and blending, I had to strain most of the seeds so I wouldn't be crunching on seeds in my sorbet! After that, Mandy made a sugar/water mix, and added it to the strawberry stuff. Then I put it in the ice cream maker, turned it on, voila! I'm not sure how much it mixed, since I left Mandy's for the mall about 20 minutes after it started. But I don't think it had to be in there too long before it had to go into the freezer.

I met Dee at the mall. I had to return a pair of jogging pants I got a couple weeks ago, and I wanted to look at a store right across from the one I bought the pants from. Dee and I browsed the first store. Can I just tell you that I felt like I was stepping back into the 80s?? I mean, I know that 80s clothes have been coming back, but to actually see it in the stores just makes me kinda laugh, and wish I had kept alot of my clothes from back then! I didn't find anything I really wanted in the store, so I just returned the pants. I realized after I left that the cashier gave me money back for the regular price, and not the sale price I got it for. Whoo hoo! So, Dee and I left for the other store across the way. Again, we walked into the 80s! Leggings/tights everywhere. Shirts that would end around my knees. Ok, maybe a bit higher than my knees, but definitely past my butt! Big belts! Ripped shirts. Oh my, it was just so surreal. I was looking around to see if there were legwarmers! lol Dee and I just kept laughing at stuff we saw. She picked up some really hideously pair of shiny gold pants, and I just dropped my jaw. What made it even funnier was when she picked up a silver pair! lol I didn't see anything that I liked, so we just left the store, and said goodbye to each other!

I went back to Mandy's house for a little bit. I tasted the strawberry sorbet, and it was so yummy! I watched my niece paint with "water" color for a few minutes. It was kinda gross. The paint was actually like a Vasoline oily thing, that she used her fingers for to paint with. Whatever happened to water and a paintbrush?? I didn't stay long, since I was rather tired from being up and about earlier than I usually am, so I took off for home!

After I got home, I threw a load of wash in the washer, put my towels hanging on the line from last week (oops) into the dryer, and then laid down for a nap! The rest of my night was spent taking care of the laundry after it was all dry, and making dinner. Tonight I tried baking salmon with coucous in the oven, and had an ear of corn and my bean salad. The salmon was pretty good! I exercised after the news, but it must have still been humid because I got tired after 7 minutes. Oh well, at least I tried! For the last few hours I've been watching Olympics and have been tutoring and chatting with phriends. I had to shut down my computer and cable modem for awhile, since we had very bad lightning and some rain. I saw a few bolts! They are very cool to watch, but a bit unnerving since I never know if they are going to hit anything. There have been several houses and buildings hit this summer by lightning, so you just never know! I know some people think I'm silly for shutting down my computer and stuff during lightning, but hey, I am taking NO chances! lol

I was just going to see if I could turn everything back on to post this, but I just saw another bright light flash outside my window. Guess it's not safe yet!! So I'll just watch more gymnastics and wait a little longer!

It's safe now, so I'm posting! :)


Underdog = Don said…
Colleen ;
What a pleasure it was meeting you in PH chat ! I hope you don`t mind me saying so...but you`re lovely.
Remember my blog is mostly political, I do write about Organ/ Transplantation and PH.I look forward to chatting with all of the PH patients again.

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