Aww, Poor Baby :(

At lunch today, my mom was telling me about when I was born. She said that she couldn't hold me or even really see me for the first 3 days of my life because she had some kind of infection. This I knew, since she had told me about it awhile ago. So I said "Well I'm assuming dad held me at least for those first 3 days." My mom just said "Why would you assume your father would have gone to the nursery and ask if he could hold his first-born daughter within those days??" I said "Now that is sad!" I was actually a bit taken aback by that, but when I think about it, it sounds like my dad. Maybe the thought of his first child having such problems already (my left lung collapsed when I was born) made him a little scared of holding me. Maybe he wanted my mom to be the first to hold me. Who the heck knows. I'd like to ask him, but I don't know if I will. I am just sad that neither of my parents held me for the first 3 days of my life. *sniff*

I'm having a so-so week. Since increasing my Revatio, I feel like crap with headaches and just being achy. But part of the achiness is due to that time of the month shit. I probably shouldn't have started the new dosage this week, but it's a bit too late now! Today I really felt very off. I went to the mall with my mom, and by the time she dropped me off at home, I was achy everywhere (my toes even ached!), my head was in a dull pain, and I felt like I hadn't eaten in weeks. I took a long nap, and felt a little better when I got up. But tonight I've just felt like I haven't eaten in weeks. Every time I eat something, I feel like I'm starving half an hour later. Damn the hormones!! I know this isn't from Revatio, since I didn't feel that way when I first started it. UGH, I just hope I feel better tomorrow!

I got my bloodwork results tonight. My nurse told me everything was pretty good. I have to go up to 4mg of coumadin now, since my PH doc told me he wants my INR between 2-3. Mine was 1.6. So I need to start the new dosage tomorrow, most likely, and go back in a week to check it again. My potassium level is fine and dandy, so I can try Yaz. Thank goodness!! I'm using way too much make-up this week when I go out to cover the huge zits that have broken out. I'm so tired of dealing with acne. It's aggravating me more than wearing the oxygen!!

My cholesterol wasn't the best of news. It went up a bit, from 213 last year to 230 this year. UGH. It's not terribly terrible, but it would be nicer if it was alot lower!! Like, 100 points lower??? My nurse told me to just keep up with my diet and to exercise when I can. I think the exercising portion of it might be a bit better, if I can ever get over this week and maybe the next with the Revatio yuckiness. I've got to work on it! I haven't been exercising like I should be. I also need to watch what I'm snacking on. My meals are pretty good, it's just stuff I'm eating in between that I'm sure isn't helping me. Hopefully I can get my cholesterol to go down a bit!!

Well I am off to bed. I am hoping for a lazy day tomorrow. Although I am trying to plan on meeting a friend at Tim Horton's for a light breakfast! And THEN I'm taking it easy!


Anonymous said…
Hey Girl :))
Oh poor baby, I am sure your Dad was scared when you were a baby, and yes, for some reason Dads are like that???

Hope the side effects of the Revatio resolve soon..

Enjoy breakfast at Tim Hortons, I have been there when we visit Ohio.
Hope you have a better day and hope to see ya in chat later..

Hugs & Love,
Annette said…
Drugs, drugs, drugs! I honestly don't know if I could ever actually work full time and still be able to manage to keep track and take all of the drugs, side effects, tests, etc. In my opinion, I'd say screw the cholesterol and have a
I wish I were there and I'd give you enough hugs to make up for yor first three days on this earth.
much love

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