Mostly Busy Weekend!

It's hard to believe that this weekend is already over. Some of it went by so quickly, and some of it was rather slow. Friday night, I went out with my sistores, Mandy and Joan, and Joan's friends, and that was quite fun! We went to a bar called The Bakery. It used to be a bakery, many moons ago. Now it is a bar/restaurant. They have phones on all the tables, and numbers above each phone. You can call the other tables with the phone, which I think is cool! Of course, I didn't try it, although I should have! We left the bar around midnight, and I got ready for bed and chatted online until 1am. I had to get to bed so I could sleep a few hours before Eve and her boyfriend, Jody, got here. They didn't get here til 5am! She called me when she was 5 minutes away, I opened the door for them, they brought all their stuff in, got the air mattress from upstairs that my mom had inflated (it deflated in the meantime), and we all went to bed!

Saturday, I hung out around here during the day, since I was rather tired from the night before, even though I had slept for 4 hours before Eve got here. I really didn't do much! Eve and Jody were out most of the day looking at apartments, and seeing Eve's son. In the evening, Eve picked me up, and we drove to her parents' house for dinner. I haven't been to their house since I was a teen in high school. I am only going to say one thing about the house.....Eve has already declared that when her parents are gone, she is bulldozing the house and selling the land. The house is THAT horrible. I really don't know how they are living there. Anyway, dinner was yummy, but we didn't stay too long. Eve's allergies go haywire with everything in the house, so she was getting stuffy and sneezy. We left, and stopped at the outlet mall so Jody could get new flip flops. I sat in the car with my godson. He was so cute (he is 7). I had put my o2 on after we left the house, and he said if he could wish something, he would wish that I would be all better, and that I would no longer have to wear that "breating stuff." I told him that was very nice of him to want to wish that! I tried to explain how the o2 was actually helping my lungs, and then he said that it would be cool if "they" could just take out my old lungs and give me new ones. Ooooh how much I wanted to tell him that that actually might happen one day, but I just didn't say it. He doesn't quite get the concept of how scary that might actually be, and I just wanted him to know that his thoughts were very sweet!

Sunday, Eve and Jody were off to the gym in the morning, and I went to church at 11am. They went to find more apartments almost all day, and I came home from church and chatted on the phone for 2 hours with my good friend, Karen. Then I once again chilled out at home! In the evening, well the late evening, Eve, Jody and I had dinner at The Melting Pot. Oh it was gooood! We had what they call, The Big Night Out, which included cheese fondue, tropical salad, meats, and chocolate fondue. Mandy and her husband had it when they went the first time, and they were beyond stuffed, but it was just the right amount for the 3 of us. I had a really nice time with them. Jody is such a nice guy, and I really think Eve found her match. They kid and joke around with each other, yet you can tell how much they really love each other, too. So I am happy for the both of them! Anyway, back to dinner! Well we ate almost everything, but committed a very big sin.....we left chocolate fondue in the pot!!!! We just couldn't eat any more of it, and it was just a crying shame!!!! LOL

Eve and Jody left this morning a little after 6am, because they were going to see yet a few more apartments (gosh I hope they found something, she moves back here in a month!), and they were going camping for the week. It was really good seeing her again, as brief as it was, but my only consolation in her leaving is that the next time she will be back, it'll be for good!!!

I started my new dose of Revatio this morning, 30mg 3x a day. So far I feel fine. But I was so bleeping tired most of the morning. I had to lay down around noon, just to try getting a little more sleep, since I had to see my PCP today. I did feel a bit better after doing that! My doctor visit was good. Dr. K asked me how long I've been coming to see her, and when she checked, she said I started coming when I was a senior in high school. My goodness!! That's been 15 years now! I really do like her as my PCP. She not only asks about how I'm feeling physically, but she also cares about what's going on in my life. And that is what I like about her the most!

I get bloodwork done in the morning, testing everything from PT/INRs, to LFTs, to cholesterol and potassium levels, so some other stuff on the script I'm not familiar with. So I am fasting tonight. Yippee! That's ok, I had a huge dinner anyway, and a snack, so I shouldn't be too starving in the morning, hopefully! So on that note, I'm off to bed!!


Jen said…
Sounds like a fun filled weekend:))
Man, I must have had a boring weekend, LOL I cannot remember what I did??

Your Godson sounds like a great kid...
The Melting Pot sounds yummy, you could have sent me the chocolate.LOL

Hope the Revatio increase helps:))
Talk to ya soon...

Love & Hugs,

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