I Can't Bleepin' Win!!

The good news of the day is that I didn't have any headaches!! Yay!!

The bad news of the day is that I somehow injured the right side of my neck when I turned over in bed this morning while trying to wake up. I can hardly turn to the right, and I have a hard time looking down. All day I've been putting heat and ice on my neck, and I've taken a couple Tylenol Arthritis, which haven't done too much. I've taken a couple naps, too. It was just disappointing, to actually finally be headache free for one day, and then still not be able to do much because I hurt my damn neck. The first time I went to lay down with the heating pad on, I was soooo tired, and I just had tears coming down my face. I don't usually have the "woe is me" attitude, but it's just been a really tough almost 2 weeks to deal with in not feeling well, and I was just so hoping today would finally be a good day. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! I should really try to scream out loud, maybe that would actually help me feel better. lol

I'm off to bed earlier tonight. Mens gymnastics is on, but I really can't stay up to watch it since I'm sleepy! I hope I wake up feeling a bit better tomorrow, because I'd like to do something besides just sit around and tend to my dumb neck!!


barbara said…
I sure do hope that your neck is feeling better by now. glad to hear the headaches are gone.

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