Man, I'm Tired!!

I had a really nice day today, but I'm so exhausted now, that I might fall asleep typing this entry!! So please, on the off chance that I spell something wrong, or a sentence doesn't make sense, please keep in mind that I was pooped out when typing this!

I didn't have any plans today, except to work on a necklace that is on my tray. However, things changed when Renee asked me about going for coffee with her and Dee! So I thought, sure, why not?? I finished doing some stuff around the house, like drying my hair, putting on makeup, getting a new tank of o2 in my bag, before I headed to Dee's house. She drove out to Amherst, which is about a half hour drive, to meet Renee at Starbucks. We got there a little early, so we just went to order our drinks. I wanted a vanilla bean frappaccino, but they had no cream. Ooook. So Dee wanted a strawberry lemonade smoothie thing, but they had no strawberry syrup. Ummmm, ooooook. What the hell do you have?? So finally Dee asked about raspberry lemonade, and they said they had that. Yes! So, we both had one of those, and I also asked for a piece of banana chocolate chip bread. Mmmmm, that was yummy! Eventually Renee got there, and she ordered her drink. We sat inside for a little bit, but then we moved outside, since it wasn't too bad of a day!

After a couple hours, we decided to go to the teacher store. Dee got an art job for next year (YAY!!), so she wanted to look at some of the posters and things for doing bulletin boards in the room. She has so much stuff of her own, but she was just looking for a couple things! We browsed in there for awhile, and it brought back memories of when I decorated my own classroom for a few brief years. I miss it. I kinda wished I was getting ready to do that again, but I know that will probably never happen for me again. Which I am ok with! But I admit, it took me a long time to get used to that idea.

Anywho, I digress. After the teacher store, Renee went home, and Dee and I went to Joann's Fabrics to look at BEADS. Eeeeeeek!!! My addiction!! Renee told me not to spend too much money, and I said I'd try to resist!! LOL! Dee and I browsed for about 40 minutes. She picked out really pretty aqua/blackish beads, and asked if I could make something with them for her. I found purple beads that would go with the necklace Renee asked if I could fix for her. And I also found beautiful periwinkle beads that I am very excited about!! As we tried to exit the bead area, Dee and I saw gorgeous hand blown glass beads, and one set of them went so well with the periwinkle beads that she said she'd buy them. I'm very excited about all of the beads!!!!

Dee and I decided to get something to eat after our bead excursion. We decided on Bob Evans. After trying to figure out exactly what I wanted, I finally went with the meatloaf dinner, which included one piece of meatloaf (it came with 2, but I only wanted one), mashed potatoes with gravy, and a side salad (which was rather large!). I ate EVERYTHING, and also one biscuit out of two! I don't know where the appetite came from, since I really didn't feel too hungry, but boy, did I eat like there was no tomorrow! I didn't even snack tonight like I usually do, and that's saying something!

So Dee and I went back to her house, and I chatted with her parents for a little bit. They are just such nice people! After awhile, I finally had to go home. I felt like crashing after I got home, but it was only 7:30!! I've just been spending the evening on the couch, chatting a bit with phriends, and reading stuff. However, NOW I am off to bed! I am surprised I have typed this long!! I do have one more thing I want to type about, but I am just going to wait. It's more of a venting session, but I am too tired to keep thinking!! lol


Jen said…
Sounds like agreat day:))
I guess all that made you hungry:))

You will have to take pics of all your work when you get done ...I am happy you had a nice day and hope you slept well.
Take care and talk to ya soon...

Love & hugs,

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