Busy Monday!

Today I got a lot done. I did my 2 loads of laundry, after I got up and took a shower. I took my time going up and down the stairs, but it wasn't too bad. I also worked on a necklace, and finished that after a couple hours. I was using the tiny seed beads again, those suckers drop like nothing!! I have at least 20 of them on the kitchen floor! But the necklace turned out really pretty! I really need to take pictures of the latest stuff I've made. I've got to update my website!

I exercised after dinner tonight, walking on the treadmill for 10 minutes. I have to say that I feel different already on the Revatio. My chest feels like it can get more oxygen. I don't know, it's hard to explain, but I kinda like the feeling. I hope it keeps up!

Well I just watched the men's USA gymnastics team win bronze, so I am off to bed!! Tomorrow I babysit, so I need energy!


Jen said…
Glad the Revatio is helping:))
Hope the increase continues to let you do more...
Great job..Man, you accomplished so much in just one day;))
Take care and talk to ya soon...

Love & Hugs,

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