A Little Venting

Last night, my mom pounded on my side door around 9ish. She does that because she thinks ringing the doorbell is going to scare the cat, but she doesn't realize that pounding on the door actually scares the crap out of BOTH the cat and I!! I've told her this before, she apparently just doesn't remember!

Anyway, she started saying something about going to Beaver Island today with Mandy and the kids, and I said no one ever told me anything about it. I told her I had to babysit today, and she asked what time. After I said around 2:30, she started saying that I could still go in the morning, and I just told her I wasn't going to try going and then babysitting a 1yr old. She got a little huffy at me after that, and I said that she should know me by now. I was just a bit irritated with her!!

Some of my phriends have often made comments about family or friends not understanding why they can't do something, or how tired they get if they overdo it. I don't really experience it too often with my family or friends, but the one person who sometimes just doesn't get it is my mom. And you would think that after knowing for almost 33 years how I feel sometimes that she would understand. She has said some things to me that make me so upset sometimes. I try to blow it off, because really, she doesn't understand exactly how I feel. But there are times when it's hard to just ignore. I've tried to talk to her about it before, but that doesn't always seem to work. So mostly, I just try to process it in my head, try to let it go, or vent to someone, especially a phriend. They get it!!


Anonymous said…
Yes, we do understand!! I have a family member who does things over and over that just tick me off too...and they just don't get it no matter how many times I repeat myself. Oh Girlphfriend, blow your top here any time. I'll listen....ali
Jen said…
I know what ya mean..It is so annoying when they do not understand...Thats what we are here for:))

Love & hugs,

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