Wacky Dream!!

I was laughing so hard earlier telling Mason about this weird dream I had last night, so I decided I should post it. Why I dreamt it is beyond me! It's the strangest thing I've dreamt about in a long time, and it came out of nowhere!

I dreamt that for some odd reason, my parents had two squirrels as pets, along with Shelby (she's their dog), and they were trying to get the squirrels to learn tricks. The squirrels had these little stuffed animals that my parents were trying to train them to go fetch. (Ok, now I'm starting to laugh hysterically again) I was getting irritated because I wanted one of those stuffed animals for Mittens, because it was the perfect size for him, and he needs a new replacement for his little stuffed bear because it has seen better days. I kept trying to get the stuffed animal away from a squirrel (neither of the squirrels had names), but the stupid thing kept getting it back. And then I woke up!!

I do not know where that dream came from, but it is just so funny to me, that I had to write it down!! I tell ya, sometimes I wonder where things come from when you dream!!


Anonymous said…
LOl..Good morning Colleen:))
Wow, what a weird dream...I was thinking of all those squirrels in my backyard fighting over those stuffed animals and started laughing again..LOl..Must be too early for me...I am going to try and start off the school year with my own new schedule, lets see how that works...LOL

Have a great new week:))

Hugs and love,

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