Achy, But Nice, Saturday

My Saturday started out a bit painfully. I woke up at 7am to take my Revatio, and I realized that once again, my legs and lower back were hurting. I went back to bed with a pillow between my legs, since that seems to help usually, but I had a hard time falling back into a good sleep. So I got up at 9am, since I told Mandy I'd call her a little after I got up to let her know for sure if I'd go to the Lewiston Art Festival. I wasn't feeling too badly, and I had finally taken a Tylenol Arthritis for my legs, so I told her I was halfway dressed to go! I finished getting ready, had breakfast, and fed the cat by the time she got here a little before 10. And we were off!

After making a stop at the ATM, we got to Lewiston and found parking. I think we decided on the perfect time to go, since it wasn't totally crowded with people. There have been some years when I've gone, and it is sooooo busy that looking at stuff is hardly possible! This year, they closed off part of the street so people could walk in the middle of it, and it was just so much better for room! Mandy and I were looking at a lot of the stained glass pieces, and the glass jewelry. This is because we are trying to get ideas for making jewelry! Mandy bought a kiln, and she wants to make pendants, which I could turn into necklaces. Part of the reason I've never been able to be a part of the art festival was because I don't make any part of the jewelry, like the beads, or the clasps, etc. I just take beads I've bought and throw them together to make something pretty, and that is more of a craft than art. However, if Mandy makes the glass pendants in her kiln, and I make the necklace out of it, THEN that becomes art!! Whoo hoo! So anyway, we looked at pendants, we looked at prices, and we have an idea of what we are up against if we participate next year. Of course, Mandy has to be able to find time to work on pendants, but there are only so many hours in the day when you are busy with two cute kiddos!!

Mandy dropped me off at my garage door, since I decided to go right to my pharmacy to pick up some prescriptions. Then I stopped at my parents' to get some fruit my mom bought. I chatted with her for a little bit about my cholesterol woes. She gave me a few pieces of fish she likes to buy at Sam's Club, and then she mentioned something about getting corn at Tops, since they were having a good sale on it. I told her I wanted to go, too! We weren't going right away, so I went home to eat lunch and try to rest for a bit. My legs were still killing me, but putting them up for a couple hours seemed to help a bit.

My mom picked me up for shopping, and I had my handy list prepared. I had gone to a website that dear Nurse Ali (a good phriend!) sent to me, and it had tons of recipes for healthy stuff to eat. I bought a lot of fruits, veggies, and just a bunch of healthy things to eat. Honestly, not much different than what I usually buy! But I'm hoping to make a dip for eating apples, a bean salad, stuff to go with fish, and whatever else I find a recipe for!

My mom helped me bring stuff into the house, I unpacked most of it and put it away, and then I went back with her to her house for dinner. I was there for awhile, and it was a yummy dinner! Afterward, a storm was a-comin', so my mom gave me some pasta salad and chicken, and watermelon, and brought me home. Just as she left, the rain started! Hopefully she didn't get too wet!

I tried taking a bath tonight a bit after I got home. It was nice, but it's done nothing for the pain in my legs. I just don't know why they've been so achy. I would assume that all the walking I've done today hasn't helped any, but my legs are always like this. They'll be fine for awhile, but then suddenly, they just really hurt for some unknown reason. This week has just been the worst it seems, but I had a lot of factors against me. So I'm really hoping for a better week! I think I will just break down and take another Tylenol before I go to bed tonight. I hate taking it, but I just don't think I could deal with waking up to pain again.

Tomorrow the only thing I have planned besides church is laundry and dishes. I keep putting both off, and if I continue to do so, I'll be wearing nothing around the house, and I'll be eating off the floor. lol It's supposed to be a rainy day anyway, so I don't really want to be out anywhere!

I have more to post, but I'm tired of typing. I'll type more tomorrow!!


Anonymous said…
What is the deal with the achy legs this week??? I guess mine comes and goes but the last few days are really bothersome...almost constant..At times I thought is was maybe a side effect of Revatio, but I have been on it for about 3 years now??

Hope it gets better..Glad you were able to go to the Art festival and hope you two can have something in it next year...

Have a great Sunday and wash those clothes and dishes...LOL

Take care

Love & hugs,
Wendy's Mom said…

I am not sure what you ate the day before the lab work was done but I do know if I eat anything high in cholesterol that my levels will also be higher. So keep an eye on that. LOL!! I have other stuff to ask but think I will try to email you later or tomorrow.


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