I swear, I should change my blog to Daily Dreams. I've been keeping track of the ones I really remember lately! Anyway, I had one this morning about the apartment upstairs. In the dream, I gave my mom my 30 days notice of moving out, because she decided to rent the apartment upstairs to someone she didn't bother checking out beforehand. Then my mom got so upset, but I said I already had another place I was going to move into, and there was nothing to discuss. Then I woke up. Not a very long dream, but it certainly does describe how I've been feeling lately about the apartment.

My mom has told various places about the apartment. She sent an application in to one of the local colleges. She had it advertised in our church bulletin for a couple weeks, but that didn't yield anything. She told me she wrote a letter to Caroline House, which is a home for sheltered women. Yesterday she told me the director called her to let her know she had a few people in mind who might want the apartment. One of them is a developmentally disabled person. Please don't get me wrong, and think that I hate those type of people or anything, because I certainly don't. I have an aunt who is mentally challenged, and the neighbor next door is, too. They are awesome people most of the time, and they are very diligent in what they do. It's just that I'm a person who likes my own space, and I honestly feel that this lady would probably be knocking on my door a lot. I'm sure that sounds terrible to say that. I'm really not being prejudiced, but then again, maybe I am. I really don't know her. Anyway, that isn't as bad as thinking of having a woman here who has an abusive husband or boyfriend they are trying to escape. What happens if he finds out where she's living, and shows up at the door?? Did my mom even think of that?? Honestly, I don't think my mom thinks of my safety when she's trying to get a renter. It's more like she's grasping at any opportunity to rent the place. I mean, I can't blame her. They are losing money like water with having to pay half of the mortage because they don't have rent money for upstairs. But hello?? A women's shelter?? Ugh!

This is causing me undo stress. I'm trying not to get too upset about it since nothing is happening right now, but I can't help it. Trying to talk to my mom about it isnt' going to do much either, except make her mad that I'm objecting. Seriously, my biggest worry is that she's going to screw herself over again by not requiring security deposit, a background check, first and last month's rent. She's so desparate to rent that she doesn't think of doing these things. I wish that I could be the one to find a person to live upstairs. I sure as hell would cover my ass in regards to where this person is coming from, and if they are actually going to pay the rent. And if they weren't a lunatic or a stalker!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!! I seriously just wish I knew someone who wanted to rent an apartment!! I'd feel so much safer!! And I wouldn't be stressing so badly about it!!


Wendy's Mom said…

If I lived in NY and could climb stairs I would take the apartment. LOL!
Trust me I know what you are going through.
Since I live in an apartment and when one of the units in my building is empty I have the same feelings as you do. I use to have really good neighbors but now we have new management and it appears they rent to anyone. I honestly am hating living here now.

Anonymous said…
I can see this is really stressing you out...I hope that you all find someone that is great to rent upstairs...I know what ya mean also about peolpe banging on your door...I like free/private time and that would not work...Best of luck with that and hope you have a better dream tonite...

Any plans for Labor Day weekend?

I did read your "Thoughts" post and I understand you have lots of feelings still..I hope that you will find that perfect someone when you least expect it...You never know, but you are far from worthless!!

Hugs & Love,
CathyL said…
I hear you my phriend, all these crazy and weird dreams, What do they mean? Do they have a meaning? Or is it just our minds playing tricks on us? I wish I knew. But really I do know what you mean.
I hope you get a good renter :)
Anonymous said…
Hey my phriend, I know what you mean about dreams,just had a not so good one myself last night :(
I know how stressful this must be for you. I hope that your mom picks a good renter :)

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