PH Awareness Month - Post #29

This PH awareness post goes out to the many PHers who are sadly lost every year to this dreaded disease. For various reasons, they pass away from complications to this disease, or from complications caused by the underlying reason to their PH (if they had one). These phriends are sadly missed, and even if we may not have really got to know one of them, it's still heartbreaking to know that another one is lost to this disease. It makes wanting a cure so much more urgent, so much more NEEDED. The phriends I have lost this year include:

*SusanT (I am reminded of her beautifully kind spirit every time I get into my car because I have a starburst hanging from my rearview mirror that she sewed into a birthday card she gave me the year before. I think I miss her the most)

*Shelly (a Myspace phriend with a really wonderful personality, who used to send me uplifting messages at moments when I seemed to need them the most)

*Stella (who sadly may have passed from cancer and not PH, but still very much missed despite the reason)

*Brenda (a very sad loss no one was expecting, and even sadder to find out about several weeks after she actually had left us)

*Tara (a fellow bead addict who was so thrilled learning about my sister's pendants when I called her one time to see how she was doing, despite the fact she wasn't doing well at all).

I am trying to hard to think if I've missed someone who has passed this year, but these ladies are the ones I am remembering offhand. I know they are so much better off now, breathing freely, and without pain and suffering. But they are missed and remembered by so many, and I don't think I'll ever forget them! To Sue, Shelly, Stella, Brenda, Tara, and all the other phriends who have passed this year, I hope you know how much you are missed.


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