PH Awareness Month - Post #27

It is Thanksgiving today, and I thought I would post some of the things I am thankful for while living with pulmonary hypertension. I hope everyone reading has a wonderful Thanksgiving, and for those of you not celebrating this holiday, I just hope you have some things to be thankful for.

*I am thankful for God allowing me to wake up in the morning to a brand new day. For it is one more day that doctors weren't sure I'd have many years ago.

*I am thankful for my loving cat who greets me every morning as I come out of the bedroom after waking up. I have had him since dealing with increased symptoms of PH, and he makes me happy when I am feeling crappy or down.

*I am thankful for being able to take care of my personal needs without getting so short of breath, like showering and dressing. It means the medicines must be working, at least for now.

*I am so thankful for the roof over my head, and the food I can get, even if I am getting help from the government to survive on my own. Being on disability and food stamps once hurt my pride, but I know that without them, I would not be here.

*I am thankful for all my doctors. Every one of them cares about my health concerns, and every one of them have provided the best answers possible to my questions regarding PH and my general health. I feel terrible for those PHers who were misdiagnosed over and over again, but thankful they finally found a doctor who would listen and understand what they were going through, and could finally get help.

*I am thankful for my family, who have been so supportive all my life. They have all helped me in so many ways, and I love them all so very much.

*I am thankful for my friends, especially the ones who have stuck by my side despite my PH. I have lost a few friends, especially one who I thought was my best friend, because they just couldn't handle the symptoms that went along with PH. But for the friends who have been there for me, I don't know how much I can thank them for that. There aren't enough words for that. I just hope they know how much I love them.

*I am thankful for my phriends, who are the first group of people who completely get me and understand what I've been dealing with for 33 years so far. I was amazed when I found them, and I still can't believe sometimes that there are other people out there going through what I do. I'm very thankful I found them!

*I am thankful for my medicines, which help me get through my day (usually). If I wasn't finally put on a treatment in 2003, who knows where I would be right now?? I am thankful, also, for the oxygen. Despite my hate for it, I know it is a tremendous need, and I make do with it the best I can!

*I am thankful for my day, even if it was a bad one. I am thankful that some days I can do so much, even though I know I may have to pay for that the next day. Every day is a gift to me, and I try not to complain if it didn't go so well. Hopefully, I will wake up to a new day, and once again, my cycle of Thanks will begin.


Teddybear said…
Amen to all you said you are thankful for.

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