Getting Ready For Christmas

The day after Thanksgiving, I usually try to put up my Christmas tree and decorations. Well, this year was no different! Around noon, I finally got my act together and went down in the basement to see what needed to be brought up. Somehow my usual 2 boxes of decorations was put into 3 boxes, so those needed to come up first. I brought up one at a time, sitting down after each one to suck back the o2 and let my heart calm down. I heard Diane letting Frasier out at one point, and when I went back down to start bringing up tree branches, Diane was down there. She saw what I was doing, dropped clothes she had gone down there for on the floor, and started helping me. I was going to object, but I sooooo appreciated it!! After we brought up the branches, I sat down to rest a bit before I figured out which branches went where. You would think I'd have it written down after several years of having this tree, and getting confused!! But, I finally got a sheet of paper, and wrote all the color codes down in the order they get placed, so next year should be NO QUESTION!! lol

I took about 3 and a half hours to put up the tree, decorate it, and put out all my other decorations. I took a couple breaks, one being lunch break. As I sat in the kitchen eating, Mittens was in the computer room (with the door shut), banging on the door and putting his paws underneath it because he wanted to come out! But I have to shut him out while putting up the tree, or he'll try eating it the entire time. It's bad enough he eats it!! I don't need him gnawing on a branch while I'm trying to put it on the pole!!

So my decorations are all up, and my lights plugged in, and turned on (with a timer, so I don't have to keep going behind the tree!). Last night when I got home, I got ready for bed, got my laptop and got under the covers, and shopped for my last remaining gifts online!! I am now done Christmas shopping, except for one more item I want to buy, and I'm not going near the Outlet malls for it this weekend!! Now I need to get a bunch of Christmas cards, and gift wrap! And stamps! And I think I'm set! Maybe!!


Nancy said…
Wow, you got a lot accomplished! My tree is still in the garage with all the decorations. I love to have them in my house, but dread the lugging of boxes and all the bending and stooping.

Like you, I avoid the stores this time of year. It is madness to stand in looooong lines and be jostled around by strangers. My gifts are all wrapped, boxed, and ready to mail to my sisters' homes for their celebration. Only the cards remain.
Diane said…
Merry Christmas Colleen !
You are way ahead of the game as far as I am concerned.I have done well with the shopping this year,but the tree and decorations are not out yet.You go Girl.
Have a great holiday season.
Teddybear said…
Colleen congrats on getting your Christmas tree up and the decorations. I'm not when I will do mine. However I do have all my shopping done. I went shopping in July much easier for me. blessings to you. Love Deb

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