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Terri has died

May God Bless Terri Schiavo.

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God has already Blessed Terri. He took her Home with Him. God Bless the Shindlers, Mary and Bob, who live on without their daughter, and siblings, Bobby and Suzanne who live on without their sister. Comment from anglswinks - 3/31/05 1:01 PM

Great afternoon!

I had a wonderful afternoon with a bunch of my friends today. I love when my teacher friends don't have to work! We spent the afternoon chit chatting and gossiping at Starbucks, our favorite place to hang out. Four and a half hours we spent gabbing and laughing! It was just such fun!

While we were there, we all observed a man who we concluded has OCD: obsessive-compulsive disorder. He spent the entire time moving his stuff around, going outside, smoking his pipe, going to his car and changing the gloves he was wearing, only to go back in the store and repeat it all over. He must have done it at least 6 or 7 times while we were there. It was kind of sad to see him like that. My one friend was saying that living with OCD is such a tiring way of life, and it sure seems like it. I can't imagine living that way.

Well, I must get some jammies on and wash up and stuff before I settle down to see the results of American Idol. I can't even guess right now who is leaving. I…

A Very Touching Story

The medicine that I take for my lungs is only delivered to me by FedEx. For almost a year now, the same FedEx guy has come to my house, a very personable man. I actually look forward to seeing him when he comes, just for a small chat and his smile. Today, I saw the truck outside my house, heard my doorbell ring, and so I went to get it. He had already gotten back inside his truck, but when he saw my open my door, he immediately got back out. He told me that this would be the last time he would come to my house, because they were putting him on a different route. But, he wanted to know that, despite not knowing what is going on with me, he prays for me all the time, and hopes I'm doing ok. He also asked if it would be ok to come by once in a while, and see if I was outside so he could say hello. I can't even say how touched I am, that a complete stranger (pretty much) is so caring to someone he doesn't even know. I asked him his name, and he said it was Vincent. H…

Close Call!!

Ok, talk about almost having a heart attack tonight!! lol I was none too pleased that Anwar and Nadia were both in the bottom three tonight. When it ended up being between Anwar and Jessica leaving, I was holding my breath!! And yes, I do wear oxygen, but I still was holding my breath!! lol I was sooooooooo glad Anwar wasn't the one to leave!! Wake up, America!! Why wasn't someone like Scott in the bottow three??? Anwar is way better than him! Ok, that's enough of my Idol ranting for this week. Short, but to the point. lol :-D

Pondering is Over!

Well, I just did it. I just signed up for a month's subscription to Yahoo's Personals. As much as I didn't want to, but I really wanted to get back to the couple guys who did send me a message. It's not as expensive as some sites I've been on. And, if I want to, I can cancel after 7 days. Of course, there's like a 20-step process in order to cancel. lol Oh well, guess I'll see what happens! So, I did write to the 2 guys who sent me a message. They were just brief, but hopefully they'll get back to me. :-/

Today was a nice day out! Tomorrow is supposed to be better. I love the fact that the weather is starting to get better, but I think it's still going to take it's jolly old time. I'm not quite ready to take the plastic off the windows, or change over to my spring/summer clothes. lol I'm the type of person who can be rather cold all the time! But, so far, I've been doing ok with the heat off. I just turn it up and nig…


I have had my profile up on Yahoo Personals for quite some time. I've gotten many interests, and have even met one guy last month after talking for a while. (While he was a nice guy, and he was cute, I just wasn't feeling it for some reason! :-/ )However, I do not have a paid membership. The only way I've been able to talk to someone is if they give me their email address, or screen name. I just haven't wanted to pay for even a month membership. But in the past couple days, I've gotten messages from 2 guys that I think are kind of nice. Well, at least their profiles seem nice. lol One of the guys said in his message that a friend of his knows me, and has nothing but nice things to say. I have NO clue as to who this person who knows me is!! The guy put a last name, but it's not ringing a bell. The other guy is from Texas, and he says he is moving up here in a couple months. So, I've been considering all day about whether or not to just sign up f…


Eve just left a little bit ago. I almost thought she wasn't coming over, she didn't call until almost 10. Good thing she knows I stay up late! lol It was so good to see her, though. I really really miss her, and she misses not being able to see us all the time. I can't wait until she can move back here, but she said it still might not be for another year. It's so frustrating!! I just wish she was here, it would be so much better. One of these days..... :-(

Guess I have nothing else to talk about tonight. I'm kinda tired, so I'll just be going to bed soon! Until tomorrow..... :-D

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Awwww...:-( She'll be back before you know it. Then your time together will be just as special as if you had not seen her in ages. :-D Comment from anglswinks - 3/28/05 2:07 AM

Mmmmm, chocolate!

Easter is almost....almost....better than Christmas, just for the chocolate factor. lol I got a lot of chocolate today! There goes my cholesterol levels. lol I'm not eating it all at once! Although, I would just LOVE to! It's amazing how chocolate can lighten the mood when needed. And boy, there are a lot of times that I need it!! *sigh*

Anyway, my afternoon with my family was very nice. I am still stuffed from dinner, and dessert. It was all very good! Now I'm waiting for Eve to call me from Erin's. She supposedly went over there around 8. I almost feel like just getting my pjs on, but I don't know if Eve will want to do something. Just veggin' sounds fine with me! lol So, in the meantime, I shall read! Hopefully I won't fall asleep. lol :-D

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Ohhhh!! Chocolate!! Yummmm! lol Did you know that scientists have found out that chocolate is good for your heart? …


Happy Easter! Seems like a nice day out so far! The sun is shining, well, at least a little. The temperature doesn't look so bad from what I've seen on AOL. I'm looking forward to enjoying this day with my family. Hopefully my mom bought some chocolate. I should have made a basket for myself. LOL Enjoy the day! :-D

A memory from a bad time

I decided to look through my writing folder before going to bed, to see what I had in there. I sometimes write something, and then forget all about it. lol I came across a poem....actually, a bunch of poems....that I wrote when I was going through the loss of my best friend several years ago. No, she didn't die. In some ways, I wish she had. It would have made things a lot easier than they were at that time. We had a falling out of sorts, but as the years go by, I realize that she sometimes wasn't much of a friend to begin with. That's hard to say, after being so close for over 20 years. I still miss her sometimes. And I remember the good times that we did have together. But then I think of the crap she put me through a lot of the times, and I think, maybe I am better off. So, here is one of the (cleaner) poems I wrote about that time.

What happens when you lose your best friend?
Is there another place to find one…
Or do you just hope for the day when she realize…


I was supposed to see my two best friends today. Eve is in town with her family, and she was going to come to see Erin's little baby, and then we were going to try doing something together. When I called Erin this afternoon to see if she had talked to Eve about our plans, she sounded horrible. Now she is sick!! She sounded as bad as I did a couple weeks ago. And she can't take much since she is breastfeeding. So, we didn't get together. :-( Eve called me tonight, and said that tomorrow night, she'll try to see Erin and the baby (since she's yet to see the baby), and then come to my house and kidnap me for a little while so we can visit. I hope I do get to see her! It's too bad that we can't all do something together, but I'm not stepping foot near Erin while she's sick. lol She told me she doesn't want me near her either. lol I feel the love. lol Oh well, I guess I'll have to wait and see if Eve actually does get a chance to …


So, I'm on the phone earlier with my dad today. I'm watching out the window, and I see some people walk by my house. One is Pat, Tom's brother. I thought, hmmm, Pat is walking by, I'll go out there and say hi to him! I go outside, and lo and behold, Tom is also there with him. Did NOT expect to see him! Thank goodness there were about 6 other people out there. I just paid attention to the dogs they were all walking. Tom and Pat were with their cousins, just walking dogs. Which seems odd that they were in this neighborhood since only his one cousin lives down my street. I don't know. Anyhow, part of me wanted to run up and hug Tom, part of me wanted to smack him, but then I'd have to explain that to the others. I wasn't about to get into that! Part of me....just a tiny part of me....also wanted to ask him to come inside and talk, or "talk." HOWEVER!! I cannot honestly justify myself in doing that again. Ugh!! This is why I hate me…

Good Friday, and it was!

I started out my day by cleaning the entire bathroom, and boy did it need it! lol I hate cleaning the bathroom, probaby b/c I grew up with that job. I guess I dread doing it sometimes b/c it can make me tired. Of course, I took it slow, jammed to music while I scrubbed away! After that, I decided to have a quick lunch, and then went to church with my mom. Then tonight, I went out to dinner with my parents. Apple Granny's was packed! So, we decided to go to a place called Perrone's. My mom asked if I remembered going there when my grandpa died, with my cousins. I really don't remember! But it was really good food, even if it did take some time getting it. So, not even 10 minutes after they dropped me off, my sister called me to ask if I'd like to come over and dye eggs. I did!! It was fun, I don't remember the last time I did that! That's about the extent to my day. It was a good one, at least! Tomorrow should be nice b/c I get to see my two bes…

Whoo hoo, another quiz!

Here is a quiz I stole from Sue!! She got it from someone, who got it from someone else, and so on. LOL Enjoy!

1. If you had a theme song, that describes you, what would it be? Girls just wanna have fun!!

2. If you could live during any period in history when would you pick? Hmmm, I think I'd like to live in medieval times, all those dresses and such seem interesting.

3. Are there any mementos you hung onto from past relationships? Just pictures really. Now, if you're talking about former friendships, I have a sweater from my ex-best friend that I just love, even if it does remind me of her. :-/

4. What did you have for dinner last night? I had leftovers...rice with beef gravy, and tomatoes, oh, and peas.

5. What's one food you thought was gross, tried, and now you like it? Actually, I used to DESPISE bananas and tomatoes, and now I eat them quite often! For some reason, I grew a taste for them over the past few years. Odd.

6. Is there one thing you've alwa…


I'm soooooooooooooooo glad Mikalah is gone!! I predicted it, she'd be the one to leave. My friend and I were talking about it last night, and we think Mikalah would be MUCH better as an actress on stage. But, who knows where the road will lead for her, she's only 17, she's still very young!

My only big stink about the results: WHAT WAS NADIA DOING IN THE BOTTOM 3?? Ugh! I was not happy, but, at least she does get a chance to shine again next week!! Ok, that's it for Idols this week! lol

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YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Hit the road Mikalah... blech.. I just said almost the exact same thing on someone elses journal.. Nadia?? Bottom three?? WTF Comment from maidothemist - 3/24/05 10:37 PM

Missing My Grandfather

Today it has been 11 years since my grandfather (my dad's father) passed away. To me, it still seems like it was yesterday sometimes. I still miss him, especially when I think that he currently has 2 great-granchildren, and another is on the way. It was so hard for me to deal with for the first 5 years at least after he died. Mainly because the night before he passed, I was supposed to go see him at the hospital, and for some reason I didn't get to. So I was so upset when I found out the next day that he was gone. It was so hard for me to get through, but when I look back years later, I realize that there was no way...and I mean NO WAY...that my grandpa would have gone into a nursing home!! He would have been so miserable! As it was, he had been ripping out his IV's at the hospital because he wanted to go home. So, it really was a better thing that he died in the hospital.

Anyhow, some of my favorite memories of my grandpa are going over on Sundays for the same di…

A Lovely Spring Snow....grrrr!!

I have a bone to pick with Mother Nature!!! What in the world is an inch of snow doing outside on my lawn?? And everywhere else?? Someone is not paying attention to the calendar, gosh darn it!! Snow should be illegal after March 20th!! lol Hrumph!! :-P

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THISSSSSSSSSSSS is riDICulous! MAKE IT STOP ~Sooz Comment from maidothemist - 3/23/05 7:19 PM

A Baby Was Here!!

Today I got to watch my little niece, Sydney!! She has gotten so big!! She is the daughter of one of my best friends. Sydney was born in January. She is just the cutest darn thing!! It's so amazing how babies can grow so fast if you haven't seen them in a while. I haven't seen her in almost 4 weeks, and I can tell how much bigger she has gotten since the last time I saw her. She just slept for a while at first after her mom left, so I ate lunch and watched tv. She listened to a U2 show with me! She likes U2, since her mommy and daddy are HUGE fans, and always listened to them before Sydney was born! When she woke up and started fussing, I picked her up and walked around with her. Mittens' eyes got huge when he saw I was holding a little squirmy thing that made noise. He eventually slinked to the bedroom to go hide. LOL When my friend got back, she hung around for a while, and I got to see how Sydney just LOVES her mom!! It was just too cute! I can'…

My American Idol Opinion!

Okie dokie, here we go! Just a little analysis on the show tonight. First of all, my prediction of who's leaving tomorrow night?? I'd have to go with Mikalah Gordon. Gosh, she was horrible. Something about her voice just irks me. She reminds me too much of Fran Dresher. I could never tolerate her. Sorry for you Fran Dresher fans. lol Anyhow, that's who I think will be leaving!

Besides not liking Mikalah's performance, the only other one I really disliked as well was Anthony Federov. I thought he sounded awful. I guess I was the only one, since the judges seemed to like him. Not one of my favorites though.

Carrie Underwood is not my favorite to win, but she has one hell of a voice on her! I loved her performance tonight, mainly b/c I loved the song she sang. It was really good!

The rockers did well tonight, I thought. Bo Bice sang my parents' wedding song, Time in a Bottle. Now granted, I like Bo singing faster-paced songs, but I thought he did well wi…

Just happenings

I went to a food show today, with my mom and sister, and my uncle and his family. He came up from Horseheads last night, and we went this morning. He owns a business that redistributes things he buys, everything from water to wine, to juice and snacks. So, he goes to a lot of food show things, and when they are in our area, he invites us to go. He goes for the business aspect, we go for the free food! We can try all kinds of things, and it's so nice!! This food show was different from the ones we go to in June, because we tried lots of real food, like roast beef, lobster-stuffed ravioli, breads, fruits, soups, and the list goes on. The food show in June has snack stuff, like chips, brownies, cookies, pops and juices, microwaveable crap, etc. So it was a fun experience today, trying all kinds of things. It was also in the new NF convention center, and I hadn't seen it yet. It's pretty nice! However, I really don't see monster truck rallies in there ever. lol

An extremely touchy topic

I've debated whether or not to write about this topic, but I decided that I needed to do it to let out the frustrations I currently have regarding it. It's a heavily debated topic right now, that's for sure. I'm talking about the Terri Schiavo case. I have followed it for the past few years that it's been in the news, like a lot of other people. I haven't had a clear opinion about it, because, like many people, I don't know both sides of the story. Sure, I know details here and there. But I don't know what both sides have faced for 15 years, and NEITHER DOES ANYONE ELSE. My point? What gave Congress the right, and the President for that matter, to barge in on a completely private and personal family matter?? I am absolutely IRATE that this has happened. This is nobody's business but the families involved in this matter. IT IS NOBODY'S BUSINESS. It is a very sad situation when the government has to become involved in a matter that ha…

Lazy Day So Far!

Today's been a good day so far, but I've done nothing much!! I'm still in pjs, and it's almost 1pm. However, I was in PH chat for quite a while this morning. It's so nice to be able to talk with others who are going through the same thing I am! Some of them have just found out they have PH, and it's so hard for them to deal with it all at once. And some of the people I've been talking to for quite some time, so they've become my PH friends, or PHriends, as it is sometimes known in our little circle. I wish some of them lived closer to me. We are all so spread out, though! I would love to be able to get together at least one time. Maybe some day in the future! I just appreciate the fact that they are there online! It's great support, one way or another! :)

I got email from Euan today! He is still recovering from CHF, but he's been doing well. He said he is supposed to be back online starting tomorrow. I'll believe that when I se…

Spring is Here....Officially, but sure doesn't feel like it! LOL

Spring is officially here!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! However, it doesn't feel like it today! lol I saw a few snowflakes here and there, baaaaaaaaaaad snowflakes!! I guess I'm just happy at the concept that nicer weather could be right around the corner. I sure hope winter has kicked the bucket!!

I'm having a good day so far. For one thing, I have yet to feel dizzy or nauseous!!! Whoooo hooooo!! I don't know what the sudden change was, but I am sure not gonna wonder about it!! lol I went to church with my parents, and then later we went to Wegmans. I finally got some food after needing to go for about 2 1/2 weeks. Darn sickness!! But, I finally got more veggies and fruits, what I've needed the most. I also got my Ben & Jerry's frozen yogurt!! YUM!!!!! :-D

Well, I guess that's about it for now. I'm just going to chill for a little bit, before making dinner. I don't know what I am going to have, which makes no sense now that I have a fr…

Pretty Good Day!

I had quite a busy day today, and I have to say, I did pretty well with it! It started with my morning computer/ticket mishap, and some aggravation. But that is in the previous journal. I then met my friends, Renee and Michelle, for lunch at Olive Garden. YUM!!!!! Michelle had told me she had a gift certificate that I could help use, but she ended up just paying for the whole thing! No certificate involved!! The little stink! lol But that was very nice of her, and I ate every last bit of my seafood alfredo!! Afterward we went to hang out at Barnes & Noble, with our Starbucks goodies. Strawberries & cream frappucino with a shot of chocolate is to DIE for!! YUM!! I eventually left, and got home in time to chat with my sis, and then take a brief nap before meeting Mo and Dee at the movies. We saw Hitch, and it was hilarious! Then the three of us went to Dunkin Donuts, and chatted for quite a while. It was so nice spending time with my friends!

And how did I feel …

Yay! Grrrrrr!!!

I actually got U2 tickets this morning!!! However, I'm ticked off BIG TIME!!! I had such a hard time using my own computer to get these darn seats! And every time they reserved seats for me for a few minutes (and they were GOOD seats!), I couldn't continue the process because the page was loading soooooo slooooooooow. By the time it got to where it needed to be, the tickets were gone. UGH!!!! So, I finally called my sister and asked if I could use her laptop. Sure, no problem, she says. I go up there to use it, and she has no mouse!!! Now I'm NOT used to using that little sensor pad thingy on Apple laptops, so I was swearing up a storm while her dog sat there staring at me! By the time I got myself maneuvered to the right website, the tickets they offered me were OK, but NOT what I had before. So, we're sitting kinda on the side of the stage, way up in the 300s. I guess it's better than being behind the stage, and not seeing anything at all!!! Still, I…


I don't know where this sunset can be found, but I'll imagine it's my own private island I have yet to find! I would just loooooove having my own beach, to stroll down when the orange sun is setting. And it would be so awesomely warm, no need to anything but a 2-piece. Ahhhh, I just love the thought! Ok, someone wake me up. lol

My cold is feeling better, but I'm still a little blah from the dizziness I'm experiencing. It's really getting on my nerves! I get so dizzy to the point where I start feeling nauseous. Bleck!! I called the doctor's to see if it could be the medicine, but I've taken it for years, so she doesn't think that's it. If I'm not better by Monday, I need to call yet again. Ugh!!!!! I just want to be better, is that too much to ask???? lol

I must get myself up at 8:30am tomorrow, so I can TRY getting U2 tickets!! I'm not sure I'll be all that lucky, but here's hoping! I've never seen them live, so…

Launching Ships!

Ok, sue me, I'm bored. I'm anxiously awaiting for the time when I can take my final round of medicine, and go to bed!!! In search of something to do, I decided to make a funny journal entry, that's rather entertaining in my book. LOL

In a recent journal entry, my friend described how she had watched Troy, and said that one of the actors could launch her ship any day. I thought it was hysterical! So, I set out to find some pictures of the guys who could launch MY ship at any time!!! Just in case you are reading this and wondering who the heck any of them are, here is the short, but yummy, list:

Adrien Brody - the dude is just HOT in my book! I didn't have much Brody exposure until I watched The Pianist. While that was such a depressing movie (bawled my eyes out!), I thought, WHO IS THIS GUY AND YUMMMM!! lol

Brad Pitt - Come on, need I say more??

Mark McGrath - Lead singer of Sugar Ray, very energetic, just very cute to watch!

Steven Tyler - I have been picked on f…

Luck o' the Irish!

Here's wishing everyone a wonderful St. Patrick's Day! Whether you're Irish or not! lol Eat some corned beef and cabbage, go out and dance a jig, or go find a leprechaun and a pot of gold! I must go find something green to wear! lol Whoo hoo!

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Happy St. Patrick's Day to you, my friend. :D I have my green on sooo, all I need to do is go out and dig up my pot 'o gold. lol;) Comment from anglswinks - 3/17/05 12:24 PM


I'm sitting here trying to think what to write about. I have no topics. I'm starting to feel better, yay! I got to go upstairs and visit my sister and her hubby after being banned for a week! (self ban, from the sickness) I'm anxiously awaiting spring and some sort of warmer weather. I have no guys to talk about, because they all drive me insane, and I don't have many options available currently. Men suck. Sorry to any men reading this, although I don't think there are any. lol So, I guess I really have nothing on my mind. Which is surprising. lol Oh well, guess maybe I'll try again tomorrow! lol Good night, J-land!! :-D

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What?!? No man comment other than that? LOL I was looking for something juicy! lol I guess I will go read someone else's journal. rofl!! Seriously, I am sooo glad you are feeling much better. :D Comment from anglswinks - 3/17/05 12:35 PM

Spring, where are you???

Ok, so I saw a guy going down my street on a motorcycle today. Granted, I know we all want spring and the warmer weather. And I can't blame anyone! This winter has gone on long enough, and the warmth would definitely be a welcome change! But a motorcycle?? The guy looked ridiculous on that thing, wearing a heavy winter jacket, scarf, boots, a helmet and sunglasses. Maybe he decided to go for a spin because he's hopeful that someone above will see him, and feel sorry for him? And then we get some warmer weather? Hmmm, I don't know! If that's the case, the guy can drive around all he wants in his poofy coat and motorcycle!! lol

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oooh that was a cute gif.. teeheee Comment from maidothemist - 3/17/05 10:56 PM

A new survey!!

Here is a nifty little survey my friend sent to me earlier today. I don't know where she got it, but I thought I'd just copy and paste in my journal! With my answers, of course. lol

THREE NAMES YOU GO BY:- Colleen - Colleenie - Schnelly (although this isn't used much anymore since I no longer talk to a certain someone)

THREE PARTS OF YOUR HERITAGE: Let's look at my name, shall we? Colleen S. That right there is half Irish, half German. lol I'm also Polish, amongst other things!

THREE THINGS YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND:- Why my cat likes plastic things, including bags, tubing, tape, etc - Why such horrible natural disasters occur, such as the tsunami in India - Why life seems so unfair to people who are decent!

THREE THINGS THAT ANNOY YOU: - people who do not say excuse me when they need to get past you - people who don't use their turning signals when driving, or forget to turn them off! - when my cat decides I'm a chew toy, and goes after me until I can…

Nothing in particular

I am feeling a lot better than I did yesterday! I got some more rest today, which I think my body needs just as much as the meds. I'm just happy to finally be on something, and to be able to go a few hours without blowing my nose! lol

I watched American Idol tonight. I have 4 people I want to make it far, and one person I want to definitely win! I am definitely an Idol addict, that is for sure. I voted many times for my favorites! lol

Well, I guess I'll find a game to play before going to bed. Nothing else really exciting is happening here. lol

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I am soooo glad you are feeling better. :D As for American Idol, well, I am not too keen on any of them this time around. lol Mabye next time!?! lol Comment from anglswinks - 3/16/05 12:31 AM

ok i love anwar- but I was disappointed.. Nadia and bo were FABULOUS and I have a soft spot for Constantine as well. The rest, may as well go home. There is the …


I had to laugh when I saw this blinkie this morning. How many times did I do the hokey pokey while teaching at Headstart???? I can't even begin to count! I know I was there very long, but I do miss it. I even miss some of the kids who drove me insane. lol I often wonder what happened to a bunch of them, and if they are doing well. I run into a few of them from time to time, especially at Walmart. lol Oh well, as much as I do miss it, it's a good thing I was forced to quit or else I might not even be here!

I'm feeling better today, although I'm very nauseated right now. I am wondering if it's the antibiotic. I've never had this reaction before, and I've taken amoxicillin for years. Maybe since I haven't had it in over a year, my body just isn't used to it. I'm not sure. It's just not a fun feeling! But I am glad that I'm not as stuffy and not coughing like I was before! Whoooo hoooo!! lol Well, off to search for more cool bli…


I'm just feeling a little blah at the moment, probably because I'm waiting for the time when I take a Tylenol to get rid of the pain in my ear. Stupid ear infection. lol Anyway, one of my best friends called me tonight to tell me her brother is back in the hospital after he was just there for 2 weeks. Apparently, he has something wrong with his liver and his colon. He told her they think there's a mass in his colon, but that it's benign. They are still doing tests, but with the way her family keeps her informed, she may find out weeks later what the problem is. She also told me her mom went in for a biopsy on her breast, b/c she found a lump. My poor friend is freaking out, and I don't blame her! Especially b/c her family doesn't like to TELL anyone what is happening. Geesh! Her mom was a former nun, you think she'd say something about what's going on. Anyway, I'm praying for them all, and hoping for good news for her brother and her mom.




I was able to get an appt with my OWN doctor this afternoon, and she put me on antibiotics b/c I had such a bad ear infection!! Whooooooooooooo hooooooooooooo!! I hope this means the road to recovery!!

Also, her nurse bought 2 of my bracelets!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

Going to take a nap now before I yaaaaaay myself to death. lol

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LMaoooo Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy - FEEL BETTER I had good news today- In jan or feb 2006 we are moving to niagara falls to the old new road offices. woohoooooooooooo that just cut my travel time in HALF! And it means they plan on keeping us around. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in renovations are planned. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Comment from maidothemist - 3/15/05 11:39 PM

Ok, I'll Yaaaaaay a little more for ya. lol Yaaaaaaaay!!!! :) Comment from anglswinks - 3/14/05 6:41 PM

The love of my life!

Here he is, the love of my life. And that's what I tell him, too. lol This journal entry is in honor of my fat cat, Mittens. I just had to write about him, because as much as I felt like utter crap for the past several days, this little guy has been there to make me smile. I have raised my little man since he was two months old, and for the most part, he has brought me so much happiness! I can't believe what a huge difference a pet can make in your life. And I'm not really talking about fish. lol Mittens has been there in all the down times I've had over the past 4 1/2 years (almost) that I've had him. I just love him! I think I'll go over and give him a big squeeze right now. He's sleeping, so I probably won't get a good reaction. lol

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Awww...Give little man a ((((((((Hug)))))))) for me. :) He is sooo adorable. Comment from anglswinks - 3/14/05 6:40 PM

Am I better yet?

Ok, I know all I've been writing about lately is my stupid cold, but it's soooooo driving me insane. lol I had a fever earlier of 102, and I finally called the doctor service. After waiting for what seemed like an agonizing hour, the doctor on call finally called back. I STILL wasn't given anything since it didn't sound viral. He told me to call in the morning to make an appointment so I can be checked, and maybe then I can get something. I'm feeling a tad bit better since this afternoon, but still, I know I'm in this for another couple days at least. UGH!! Enough already!! lol

So, I guess I'm off to bed now. Stupid Hometown, it's down and I can't add any cool blinkies or anything else from my ftp space. LOL

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I hope you are feeling soooo much better very soon, m/f! I have not been feeling up to par myself. Get better soon, so that we can chat away. lol :) BT…

Soooooooooo blaaaaaaaaaah!!

Ok, I'm really sick of this cold!! I thought I was making progress yesterday, I didn't feel so bad. And then last night I suddenly took a turn for the worse. :-( I've started a slight cough, and I feel like there's a lump in my throat. This just bites!!!! However, despite the cold, I am very excited about the fact that I have been taught about blinkies and ftp space!! lol So, if I'm not resting today, I will most likely find myself searching the net for very cool blinkies, such as the one above. I think she's a very pretty sparkly fairy, and of course, she's my fav color!! :-D
Off to the bathroom to steam myself until I'm wrinkled like a prune!! lol

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Woohooo ygg !Comment from maidothemist - 3/13/05 2:10 PM

Another test!

Ok, Sue had to get me addicted to blinkies!!! rofl!! I found Fizzgig, though!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! Joanie will be excited!! LOL Off to find more..... lol


I don't know what it is about betta fish that absolutely fascinate me. Maybe it's the beautiful rainbow of colors that they can come in: from shades of purples to blues and reds, greens, pinks, and combinations in between. Maybe it's the solitary life they lead, since there is only one fish per container ratio. They are Siamese fighting fish, and it is quite funny to see them puff up their cheeks at each other when their containers are too close! I don't know, there is just something I love about them!! I've had many over the past few years, all different shades. Right now I have six of them, almost one in each room. I just cleaned all their containers, so I guess that's why I'm writing about them. lol They are quite beautiful, almost elegant fish!

More snow

It has been snowing for a couple hours now, and I have to say, as much as I'm sick of seeing it, it's the kind of snow I just love. It looks so pretty hugging the branches and the power lines. It's the type of snow that's perfect for making a big snowman, since it's definitely sticking everywhere! How I'd love to go out and do that, or fall into a snowbank and make a snow angel! However, I will just sit here and watch it, and imagine getting all cold and trying to catch snowflakes with my tongue. Things I used to do with my sisters when I was little. Memories that often seem fresh in my mind, as if it happened yesterday.

Blahness of all sorts

First of all, I am still sick, but a lot better than I was when I first started this thing. My throat hurts, it's my only huge complaint right now. Guess I'll just take some Tylenol later for it, and keep on gargling. I love the looks from my cat when I do that. lol

I didn't write about it before since I've been preoccupied with the crappy way I've been feeling, but I talked to Tom on Tuesday night. Well, he IM'd me when he got online saying he was pissed off at his brother. To make a long story short, he sort of suggested coming over here to get a "fix." Now that really irritated me for two reasons: 1) How stupid did he think I was to let him come over here for that when all that crap happened back in October?? I haven't even seen him in person since October 1st. What an idiot! 2) How stupid was I to actually consider that idea, even though all I really wanted to do was actually just see him?? In the several days before Tuesday, I had really been …

Still Sick :-P

I'm still sick, but today was NOT as bad as yesterday! I've actually been able to breathe a lot more today, which means I've worn the oxygen pretty much all day! Yesterday, I hardly had it on because I was blowing my nose constantly. The only thing driving me nuts is a small sore throat I have. I called my dr's office to ask if I should be on an antibiotic, and the nurse I talked to said no, since it didn't sound like anything viral. I hope she's right! If I'm the same or worse by Monday morning, I'm calling again and getting my butt in their! Let's just hope it doesn't get to that! I'm going to soak in a bath now...I'm pretty sure the cat won't be popping in since he's been sleeping under a blanket for 4+ hours now. Yay! lol

Still Pretty Blah

I got through today, just barely, I feel. I tried sleeping for 2 hours this afternoon, and I think only got about an hour's sleep. Then I was up for a while, and I got a fever. I killed that with Tylenol, so I really didn't have it too long. My nose is draining just on one side. That's loads of fun. lol I just can't wait until this cold goes away! I hope it's soon! :-/

Hope this doesn't spread to my cat. I can't imagine him being sick. I think he's got a "sympathetic cold" though. He whines while I'm whining. LOL I just love him! :-D

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Dude- settle in and try to make yourself comfortable- this thing that is going around isnt on its way out yet..Comment from maidothemist - 3/11/05 7:09 AM

Officially BLAH

Yep, it's official...I am sick. :-( The Sudafed did not work wonders, so now I'm miserable. I really can't stand it!! And it's so hard to wear oxygen when you're blowinging your nose every few minutes. lol So, I'm just going to take it easy today. Hopefully I can get some more sleep, since I didn't get much last night. Wish me luck. lol

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Awww...:( I am not happy when you are sick! :( I hope you feel much better soon! Let me know if I should come over to sing lullabies to you to help you sleep. lol Maybe not! You might get sicker. LOL Comment from anglswinks - 3/10/05 2:40 PM

Now am I sick??

Ok, I think it's finally official....I think I am finally sick!! :-( It hit me this afternoon, after I had been out with my mom earlier today. I think it was lingering just to annoy the heck out of me. lol I have been blowing my nose nonstop, it's already red! Despite my better judgment, I'm going to take a Sudafed in the HOPES of waking up tomorrow not feeling all that bad. Cross your fingers, I hope it helps. lol *sigh*

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Ugghh! We cannot have you sick, girl!! Here's hoping the Sudafed works. Honestly, I cannot vision you looking like Rudolph. rofl!! XX Fingers crossed!! :D *Hugs* Comment from anglswinks - 3/10/05 2:26 AM

A little change

I updated my journal's look,to make it more spring-like. I got tired of the black colors! lol I am so ready forspring it's not funny!! lol I think my friend said 11 more days until spring is officially here...whoooo hoooooo!!! lol I also added some links to click on for some added entertainment. I will add more when I find some good ones! Hopefully the new look works! :-D

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Wow- what a change- I am still pondering your situation with your friend. Thats a tough one girlie. Comment from maidothemist - 3/9/05 8:16 PM


There is a person in my life that I'm very concerned about. This person is someone I love dearly, and she knows it, too. She has trusted to tell me things that she's only told one other person, her couselor. She's extremely emotional, often so bitterly angry that I just don't understand it. I am glad that she trusts me, but honestly, some of the things she has told me scares me about her personal safety. She has told her counselor, and her counselor threatens to tell her parents, or call the police. But her counselor never follows through with that, and I really think she needs to. I just have a hard time understanding how someone could be so terrifyingly angry almost all of the time. The thing that also bothers me is the relationship between her counselor and herself: her counselor has befriended her, which totally crosses counselor-patient barriers. It also makes it much harder for her to open up. Every time she tries to talk to her counselor, she gets angry at ever…

Go Purple Eagles!!!!

Yaaaaaaaaay Niagara University!!! Way to kick butt in the MAAC tonight!! 89-51! Whooo hoooooo!!!! My alma mater kicks butt!!!!! LOL :-D

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ROFL- Wooooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooo How are you feeling? Comment from maidothemist - 3/8/05 8:53 PM

Not so blah for once!!

Yay, I had a decent day for once! The past 4 days have been so blah (please see my last 4 journal entries lol). I walked around the apartment for half an hour, since it is still not warm enough for me to walk in the basement on the treadmill. It would have been a lot easier if the stupid cat wasn't trying to kill mommy by going after the tubing!! He did crack me up though. lol Anyway, it was a pretty good day, so hopefully tomorrow will be good too! Of course, it's going back to below freezing temps, so we shall see. lol :-)

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yayyyy- heres to even more improvement tomorrow Comment from maidothemist - 3/7/05 11:12 PM

And the numbers are in....

I finally got a call about the rest of my bloodwork from last week. My liver function tests came back normal this month..yay! The test to see if my heart medicine is at the right level was just fine. However, my cholesterol is still's at 219. But when I asked what the number was 2 year ago when I last got it checked (I know, way too long in between to find out if anything changed), the nurse said it had been 280! She was like, no, that can't be right! I do remember that it was that high, though! So it did come down quite a bit in the last 2 years. I changed my eating habits quite a bit (no more fast food! less cheese....waaaaa!), and I have been exercising a lot more than I did 2 years ago! My doctor wants me to keep doing what I'm doing, and hopefully it will go down even more. I just hope I won't have to go on any type of medicine for it, because it would be one more thing I'd have to take during the day!

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Blah V - this includes my entire family!

Well, it's official. My entire family is sick! In three different households! I thought I was doing ok yesterday, but today, I feel like ripping off my face. A little dramatic, yes, but my face and my ear just hurts. Stupid sinuses!! Both my parents are sick, and my pregnant sister is sick upstairs. I feel bad because she can't take anything. :-( I have been really trying not to take anything for it. I really can't take much anyway. I'm not allowed to take a decongestant, which I NEVER knew growing up! Now I completely understand why! When I do take it, I feel funny. I only take a Sudafed sinus when I absolutely cannot tolerate the pain anymore. And believe me, my tolerance levels are amazingly high. So that means I'll be miserable all day before I decide to take something just before I go to bed. Ok, I feel like I'm rambling now, so I'm ending this journal entry! lol

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Blah IV, well, sorta

Another blah day, but not too, too bad. I never got out of pjs, except for when I took a shower. My big events of the day were changing the sheets on my beds, and washing the dishes. I hate changing the sheets, it gets me so darn tired. But, I pumped the oxygen up, and took my time. It wasn't so bad. I've slept a lot today. At least it seemed like I did. I definitely will make more of an effort to get out of the house tomorrow. Hopefully my mom will go to church, if she isn't hacking still.

I have been listening to music most of the night. I am always so amazed at how music just perks me right up. I felt restless earlier, and wasn't sure what I wanted to do. So, I put on some Smashing Pumpkins, and it motivated me to finally, FINALLY, sort through the stack of bills I've been meaning to file. I haven't done it since July! Now my desk seems naked. lol But, if it weren't for the music, I wouldn't have done it! So now I'm listening to all of my Beck…

Ooooo, a survey!

I hope Sue doesn't mind, but I stole her survey from her journal. Which I noticed, she took from another journal. LOL All in all, it looked like fun to answer!

1. What is your favorite color for an automobile? Is your car this color? My favorite color for a car would be red. And....yay! My car is this color already!!

2. You decide to start a diet on Monday. What is the "bad food" meal that you must have "one last time" over the weekend? If I ever went on a diet, there would have to be something SEROIUSLY WRONG WITH ME!!!! rofl!! However, since I DO have high cholesterol, I have changed my eating habits. At least, I like to think so. I would LOVE to have a meal with everything cheese!! Extra cheese pizza, shrimp alfredo, nachos and cheese, just anything cheesy!!

3. How do you balance your checkbook? In your head, with a calculator, or with software? I "balance" my checkbook with a calculator. Funny how what I have in my checkbook never match…

Blah III

Well, I started out feeling a little bit better when I woke up this morning, and I really haven't been that tired. But I now know why I felt the way I did yesterday....I have a slight cold!! :-( I ran some errands this afternoon, and when I came home, had lunch. Took a nap after that, and when I woke up, I felt all yucky and I sound very nasily. I'm not like my sister was, or my mom. I hope it doesn't get that way either! At least I know it's the start of a cold, and that nothing else is wrong.

Although I'm feeling blah, I am happy because I felt the baby kick!! Yay!! Mandy let me feel her tummy, and Hailey was on a roll! Mandy apparently wrote Ron an email this afternoon, and said that the baby was kicking her ass from the inside. LOL She was doing it after Mandy ate jelly wonder, she was probably on sugar overload!! lol But it was such a wonderful feeling, to know that the little person inside is going to be my little niece!! Whooo hooo…

Blah II

So far today, I have just totally been tired. I haven't had any energy whatsoever. I'm surprised that I even showered and got dressed this morning. I already took a short cat nap earlier, and I feel like I'm ready to go take another one. Maybe I'm coming down with something. I certainly hope not! Maybe it's just that I'm tired of the cold and the wintry weather. Even though the sun has been out for most of the day, it's done nothing to perk me up. I have a feeling I really shouldn't have gone for coffee last night. I bundled up, as I usually do when it's winter, but I think I should have just avoided the cold altogether. I did enjoy seeing my friends, however, so I don't regret going. Oh well, maybe my body just needs rest today. It is certainly getting that, it's all I've been doing!! :-/


I'm having a moment of sadness right now, which I'm sure will go away soon. I don't know if it's because I'm just tired, or because I'm sick of winter, or what, but I am just questioning why I'm here. I know God put me on this earth for some reason, and I thought I had a direction for years when I wanted to teach. But unfortunately, I can't do it anymore, at least not the way I had always planned. I don't know, I think I am just tired and feeling blah, and that's why I'm having this thought. I'll perk up when I meet my friends for coffee in an hour. Maybe that's what I need right now, some time out with my friends. Even though it's friggin' cold outside. Makes me wish I could transport myself to Dunkin Donuts. lol At least the dumb plows finally came down the street. About time, what were they doing all day?? Ok, this moment has ended!

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Stinkin' Bloodwork!

I had my monthly bloodwork done today, to check my coumadin levels, and my liver function. I already was called to say my coumadin levels were good (YAY!), and to keep taking it at the same dosage. But the thing I'm worried about is the cholesterol test. I haven't had it checked in a couple years, and the last time I did, they told me it was high. I changed my eating habits since then, and I have exercised more in the last year than my entire life!! I told my nurse, I was nervous about the results, and she said we'll just have to wait and see what they are before making a decision on what to do. I hate that bad cholesterol runs in the family!! My dad's is high, so is at least one of my sister's (and she's a runner!). I guess I'm just really worrying, which is what I tend to do! But, nothing I can do right now until I find out later this week. *sigh*

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"But, noth…